The Thrilling Detective Zoom

Hoo-boy! Our video chats via zoom are such hoots we’re doing it again!

Well, our first-ever THRILLING DETECTIVE NOIR AT THE BAR, set for Saturday, May 23, 2020 at 5:00 PM PST, was a whopping success.

It  lasted almost two hours, and featured past and current contributors to the site, reading from old and new works of private eye fiction.  Thrilling Detective’s former fiction editors Victoria Esposito and Gerald So joined me as co-hosts, and we had readings from Graham Powell, Mark Troy, Ron MillerVictoria Esposito (reading for Gerald So), A.B. PattersonJosh Lanyon and David Avallone.

If you’re interested in reading, please contact me by emailDirect Message on Twitter, or Messenger on Facebook. And watch this page for details on our next Zoom.


Just click on the link at the right time, and type in the password if/when prompted.

Please don’t post the link or password publicly, but feel free to share it with friends who are also fans of crime and detective fiction, particularly private eyes.

zoom account isn’t required to participate, if you’re using a computer.  You can also join a meeting using the zoom mobile app on your phone or tablet.

You may have to turn on the audio and video. It’s at the bottom left. We do want to see your lovely mug. But please be quiet while people are reading. If you’ve got kids, dogs or angry bleach drinkers in your home, consider using “MUTE.”

Feel free to join the meeting a little early if you’re new to zoom, so we don’t blow our time listening to a chorus of “Can you hear me?,” “Can you see me?” and “I thought there’d be beer!”

Our meetings are pretty loosey goosey affairs–we discussed how we’re all coping, what we’re reading/watching/doing, etc. We didn’t really have any “special” guests, just a great selection of writers, readers, professors, teachers, librarians, doctors, lawyers and just plain fans, and they were all special.

But this Noir at the Bat thing might be considerably larger and therefore may require a little more structure. Please make like the (mythical) polite Canadian.

It looks like this might be the start of a beautiful friendship.

(May 23, 2020)

Pictured above are just just some of those who read or participated. For more info, head here.

Questions? Go ahead. Like the Fat Man says, I like to talk to a man (or woman) who likes to talk.

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