Friends of The Thrilling Detective Web Site

Come to this house,
Be one of the usual suspects…
This site exists because of the support of our advertisers
and through the generosity of donors just like you, through our Payback Programme.

Among those who have contributed recently to help the site continue are the following:

Robert Metz

Jay Wigley

Gilles Bertrand

Luise Erdmann

Janet Siviter

Syd Smith

Greg Wood

Andrew Patterson

Tanya Kolf

Steven Ardron

Ernest Brown

Don Yarber

Steven Johnson

Laurent Lehmann

Rick Fredde

Lily Gardner

Bill Sanders

George Snyder

Jessie Sirois

Sandy Jameson

Duke Seabrook

Giles Robertson

M. Shaw

Marla Laubisch

Steven Johnson

Keith Robicheau

Your support is very much appreciated.

So if you’d like to slip us a few bucks, I wouldn’t say “No.”

Operators are standing by…




4 thoughts on “Friends of The Thrilling Detective Web Site

  1. I advertised with you a few years ago. You commented on my books as though they were “wait for it” unbelievable, based on the information I provided. Since that time I have had relatively good sales, and now have 8 books on Amazon. I’m now nearly 82 and still writing. My protagonist, Kip Yardley, is still kicking. Not as hard or high, maybe, but still solving hard ones and getting relatively little pay for it. Kinda like my books.


  2. Hey, Don,

    Nice hearing from you, and many thanks for tossing some coins in the cup.

    I see you’ve got a new Kip out — I’ve just added it to the WORD OF THE STREET pages. Glad to know you’re still playing the shamus game.


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