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Matthew Dain

Created By Christopher Mills From Stephen King country comes thirty-something ("Too young to be called a baby boomer and too old for Generation X") private eye MATTHEW AARON DAIN. Matt walks the not-so-mean streets of Portland, Maine, although his work (and his personal life, such as it is) takes him all over the Pine Tree … Continue reading Matthew Dain

Helen Keremos

Created by Eve Zaremba Back in the eighties, The Globe and Mail called HELEN KEREMOS "the best of the feminist lesbian detectives." I'm not sure about the best, but she certainly was one of the first, and certainly the first (1978) to be printed by a mainstream press (Paperjacks). Personally, I found her a little … Continue reading Helen Keremos

Pete Fernandez

Created by Alex Segura Everything's definitely not Archie in this one. Alex Segura rocked the boat with his 2013 debut, Silent City, which introduced us to PETE FERNANDEZ, a man who seems to drag around his own personal dark cloud. He's recently been shitcanned from his copywriting newspaper gig, dumped by his fiancée and then … Continue reading Pete Fernandez

Thomas Ironcutter

Created by David Archord Okay, the monicker's a little overly earnest (was Dash Riprock already taken?), but apparently THOMAS IRONCUTTER is a bonafide P.I. This Nashville Cat's a big guy, 6'3" and over two hundred pounds; ex-Army and ex-cop turned private eye. He enjoys a good drink and a Cuban cigar now and then, and the company … Continue reading Thomas Ironcutter

Kim Otto & Carlos Gaspar

Created by Diane Capri Another spin-off from the mega-success of Lee Child's Jack Reacher is Diane Capri's "Hunt for Jack Reacher" series, featuring FBI Special Agents KIM OTTO and CARLOS GASPAR. Their special off-the-books assignment? Find Jack Reacher. Somehow they always seem to just miss him, and find themselves cleaning up the messes he leaves behind. … Continue reading Kim Otto & Carlos Gaspar

Jim Grant (aka “Resurrection Man”)

Created by Colin Campbell  Sheesh! Apparently Jack Reacher's massive success has not been lost on writers who are not named Lee Child. Colin Campbell's JIM GRANT is yet another cheeky parody/tribute/homage/rip-off. And I do mean cheeky -- Jim Grant is Lee Child's real name. Not that that's the only connection. When we first meet him … Continue reading Jim Grant (aka “Resurrection Man”)

Fred Bennett

Created by Elliott Lewis (1917-1990) The first few paperback originals by Pinnacle in the series bill  FRED BENNETT as a "the most upbeat, offbeat detective in decades," while on Goodreads he's described as a "crusty ex-cop." But let's not beat around the bush -- "upbeat" he's not, and "crusty" barely covers it. As I recall, … Continue reading Fred Bennett

Harry Dresden

Created by Jim Butcher When it comes to private eying, Harry's a real wiz. Literally. HARRY BLACKSTONE COPPERFIELD DRESDEN is Chicago's only listed wizard and a PI, solving cases of the supernatural kind, occassionally even working with the Chicago PD, in a popular series of novels collectively known as "The Dresden Files." Mind you, this … Continue reading Harry Dresden

Matt Scudder

Created by Lawrence Block (1938--) Loads of fictional private eyes drink oceans of booze. Some become invincible, some become silly, some become virtual Einsteins of deduction. MATT SCUDDER had no such luck. He drank and became an alcoholic. He used to be one of New York's Finest, a decent-enough detective, honest enough to get by, … Continue reading Matt Scudder