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Mike Danger (Danger and Adventure)

Created by ?? "Come and get it, chumps!" MIKE DANGER was a so-so comic book P.I. out of New York who appeared in a short-lived run of so-so private eye tales back in the fifties, in short-lived, so-so anthology series, Danger and Adventure, published by Charlton. So??? Perhaps the most interesting thing about Mike (besides the … Continue reading Mike Danger (Danger and Adventure)

Detective Fork

Created by Kevin J. Guhl Okay, okay -- so he may not have always been the most polished piece of cutlery in the drawer, but Silver City's own private eye DETECTIVE FORK somehow managed to get the job done, in this heart-felt spoof by artist/writer Kevin J. Guhl that pleased fans of hard-boiled detective fiction and … Continue reading Detective Fork

Cyrus Barker & Thomas Llewelyn

Created by Will Thomas At the close of the nineteenth century, CYRUS BARKER ("undoubtedly England's premiere private enquiry agent") and his assistant THOMAS LLEWELYN ply their trade on the fog-shrouded (and pointedly multicultural) Victorian streets of London, in an atmospheric historical series of mysteries by Will Thomas. Not exactly Sherlock Holmes, perhaps, but Sherlock-adjacent, and the … Continue reading Cyrus Barker & Thomas Llewelyn

Otis Beagle & Joe Peel

Created by Charles K. Boston Pseudonym of Frank Gruber (1904-1969) The slick and ethically elastic team of Los Angeles private investigators OTIS BEAGLE and JOE PEEL was the product of the multi-talented pulpster Frank Gruber. Otis is the front man, 6'3" and 210 lbs., all "flashy and phony," a "quite criminal investigator" as one blurb … Continue reading Otis Beagle & Joe Peel

My Bookshelf: The Pulp Jungle by Frank Gruber

My Bookshelf The Pulp Jungle, by Frank Gruber A fascinating collection of colourful  reminisces of the Frank Gruber's years as a writer, covering his years in New York from 1934 to 1943, as he struggled to--and eventually succeeded--in establishing himself in the highly competitive world of the pulps. Regrets? Gruber had a few,  but when … Continue reading My Bookshelf: The Pulp Jungle by Frank Gruber

Ron Goulart’s Informal Reading List

From The Hardboiled Dicks Tucked away in the back pages of Ron Goulart's classic collection of detective fiction from the pulps, The Hardboiled Dicks (1965), is a short list of hard-boiled writers worth he considered worth investigating, along with a few suggested titles and even a cursory overview. Hardly definitive or essential, but it is interesting. The … Continue reading Ron Goulart’s Informal Reading List

“Handsome” McFee (aka “Handsome” Blair)

Created by Charles G. Booth(1896-1949) He only appeared (sorta) in three stories in the pulps, but private eye "HANDSOME" McFEE deserves at least a mention--the chronicler of his exploits was prolific early hard-boiled writer Charles G. Booth, who was a frequent contributor to the crime and detective pulps, alongside Hammett and Daly. "Handsome" (we never find … Continue reading “Handsome” McFee (aka “Handsome” Blair)

Danny Getchell

Created by James Ellroy "I wiggled wires. I circumscribed circuits. I rigged reciprocal reverb and sent sound to both rooms. I picked up my Polaroid and flew off the floor.I hammered down the hallway. I banged both doors off their bolts. I found the fetching foursome perched in Pat's parlor.Pat was knock-kneed nude. Parker's pants … Continue reading Danny Getchell

Patrick “P.I.” Immelmann (Private Eye)

Created Brian Vaughan "Nothing in life is completely confidential." -- P.I. It's hard to believe comic book mastermind Brian Vaughan originally gave this away Private Eye, an absolutely stunning graphic novel from 2015, for free! Or as much--or as little--as you felt it was worth. And yet there it was, on, for the asking. And it's … Continue reading Patrick “P.I.” Immelmann (Private Eye)

Frederick Nebel

Pseudonyms include Grimes Hill, Lewis Nebel & Eric Lewis (1903-1966) He was born LOUIS FREDERICK NEBEL on November 3, 1903. He dropped out of high school at fifteen, allegedly after only one day of classes. He worked the docks and checked cars. He became a valet and, in some versions of his biography, a sailor on a tramp … Continue reading Frederick Nebel