Tom Bethany

Created by Jerome Doolittle A Boston (well...Cambridge) private eye with a difference. Mind you, in these post-Spenserian, aren't they all? Body Scissors (1990), the novel that introduced TOM BETHANY, a man with a colourful past, was an auspicious debut. He'd been, among other things, a soldier in Vietnam, a world-class amateur wrestler (he would have … Continue reading Tom Bethany


Created by Sara Lövestam It's so hard to be a saint in the city, but that's more or less Iranian refugee  KOUPLAN's game plan. Although he has zilch experience and unfortunately doesn't look more than eighteen, he sets himself up as an unlicensed private investigator in Stockholm, his new home, by placing discreet ads in … Continue reading Kouplan

John Corey

Created by Nelson DeMille Pseudonyms include Jack Cannon, Kurt Ladner, Ellen Kay and Brad Matthews (1943--) Spy or eye? JOHN COREY is not, strictly speaking, a private eye. But using the same slightly loosened criteria afforded Dave Robicheaux and a few others on this site, he deserves consideration here by virtue of the wiseass, irreverent, … Continue reading John Corey

Cotton Waters

Created by Robert Richter COTTON WATERS is a gringo private eye on the west coast of Mexico, known to his drinking buddies in Puerto Vallarta as "Algo." A former activist and draft dodger (the first book, Something in Vallarta, is set in 1972), with plenty of old and unresolved legal and political problems back in … Continue reading Cotton Waters

Fitzroy Maclean Angel

Created by Mike Ripley "True love may be blind, but good sex sends you cross-eyed." -- Angel on the meaning of life in That Angel Look Move over, Carlotta Carlyle and Steve Midnight, and add London, England's FITZROY MACLEAN ANGEL to the the ranks of cab-drivin' PI's. Angel is a loopy, randy, trumpet-playing thirty-something ne'er-do-well/private … Continue reading Fitzroy Maclean Angel

Eoin Miller

Created by  Jay Stringer In what seems like a permanent tailspin, half-Romani, half-ass unlicensed gumshoe EOIN "GYP" MILLER has lost his job as a gangland detective, his marriage (to another cop), his self-respect and pretty much anything else that ever mattered. But fuck it, as he's wont to say. He can always scrounge up the cost … Continue reading Eoin Miller

Duncan Sloan

Created by Bob Truluck "Seems nobody knocks on my door unless they've got trouble. It's that kind of door." -- Saw Red DUNCAN SLOAN is an easy-going Orlando, Florida private eye who works when he damn well feels like it, and keeps his stash of pot in a moldy refrigerator. His first appearance, in Street … Continue reading Duncan Sloan

Russell Wren

Created by Thomas Berger (1924-2014) Thomas Berger, one of the most-respected American novelists of the last few decades, and the genre-hopping author of Reinhart in Love, Neighbours and a whole slew of popular bestsellers, including the classic anti-Western, Little Big Man (a favourite of mine), set his sights on the conventions of the P.I. genre, with mixed … Continue reading Russell Wren