Betty Blake

Created by H.L. Parkhurst "The Girl Super-Detective Who Always Gets Her Man!" -- the tagline announcing a story coming up in the next issue A sort of classier, more upscale version of Sally the Sleuth, BETTY BLAKE appeared in a handful of two-page comic book stories in Super-Detective, a sister publication of Spicy Detective Stories, … Continue reading Betty Blake

Sally the Sleuth

Created by Adolphe Barreaux Pseudonyms include Charles Barr (1899-1985) One of the oldest comic strip heroes ever, predating even the Man of Steel, SALLY THE SLEUTH first popped up in the November 1934 issue of Culture Publication's Spicy Detective pulp mag, in a steamy little two-page comic back-up feature nestled in there amongst all the other … Continue reading Sally the Sleuth

Gail and Dwight “Di” Berke

Created by Carl G. Hodges (1902-64) Sports editor of The Journal, DWIGHT "DI" BERKE could always be counted on to dig into the crimonious aspects of sports, be it horse racing, bowling or whatever. Fortunately his wife (and photog for the same rag) GAIL BERKE, armed with "her four-by-five Grafix slung over her tailored shoulder," … Continue reading Gail and Dwight “Di” Berke

Inspector Allhoff

Created by D.L. Champion (1903-68) "... the unpleasantest detective who ever cracked a homicide case" --from a July 1938 Dime Detective blurb  Not quite a P.I., not quite a real cop, Dime Detective favourite INSPECTOR ALLHOFF is under contract, albeit unofficially, to the NYPD. He works out of a cockroach-infested dump, across the street from police … Continue reading Inspector Allhoff

Jimmy Adams/Jimmy Lee

Created by A. Boyd Correll (1907-85) So, I get letters like this sometimes: Dear Mr. Smith, Weirdly enough, this morning I discovered a PI not on your list - and probably not worth adding! His name's Jimmy Adams, and he appeared in a novelette titled "An Item of Murder" in Street & Smith's Detective Story … Continue reading Jimmy Adams/Jimmy Lee

Dave Lacy

Created by Lester Dent (1905-1959) "The Cavern of Heads,” a short story that ran in the March 1933 issue of Ten Detective Aces, goes for it right from the start, with a package being delivered to New York-based Baxter Protective Agency, where detective DAVE "DIDDLE" LACY works. Inside the box? The head of Jettimore Baxter, the … Continue reading Dave Lacy

Steve Harden

Created by Lester Dent (1905-1959) In his only known appearance, “The Devil’s Cargo,” gray-eyed private eye STEVE HARDEN of The Harden Agency doesn’t have to tangle with any of the super gruesome stuff many of Dent's other private dicks had to deal with, or use any ahead-of-their-time gadgets but, according to James Reasoner, "it’s still a good detective … Continue reading Steve Harden