Duncan Sloan

Created by Bob Truluck "Seems nobody knocks on my door unless they've got trouble. It's that kind of door." -- Saw Red DUNCAN SLOAN is an easy-going Orlando, Florida private eye who works when he damn well feels like it, and keeps his stash of pot in a moldy refrigerator. His first appearance, in Street … Continue reading Duncan Sloan

Cal Brantley

Created by Lise S. Baker The winner of the 1998 St. Martin's Press/Private Eye Writers of America Best First P.I. Novel Contest, Lise Baker's The Losers' Club introduced a strong new voice in San Francisco private investigator CAL BRANTLEY. Dispatched to investigate a wrongful death case in Reno by her new employers, Worldwide Investigations, a … Continue reading Cal Brantley

Harry Rice

Created by Allan Pedrazas Thirtyish HARRY RICE is one of the hardest-working beach bums around. The young entrepreneur owns The Sand Bar, an oceanside joint in Angel's cove, a small town on the Florida Panhandle, and serves as the bartender. But is that enough? Oh, no, not for the silver-tongued wiseass Harry. He's also got a side … Continue reading Harry Rice

Tony Lowell

Created by E.C. Ayres Pseudonym of Gene Ayres; also writes as John Underwood In yet another Florida P. I. series, TONY LOWELL is a "shaggy 1960's dropout, a "hippie deadbeat" Vietnam vet and ex-hotshot UPI photographer who took early retirement to live the dream: a little beer and a little pot with friends, a little guitar … Continue reading Tony Lowell

Sister Cecile

Created by Winona Sullivan Talk about your sister in crime! SISTER CECILE BUDDENBROOK is a Ferrari-driving, independently wealthy nun with a CIA background who serves God her way -- with a P.I. ticket. Her investigator's licence hangs on the wall proudly beside a reproduction of the Sistine Chapel MadonnaA at the Convent of Our Lady … Continue reading Sister Cecile

Jeri Howard

Created by Janet Dawson One of the better (and one of my favourite) of the new breed of female P.I.s following the eighties boom, was Berkeley's (later, Oakland's) JERI HOWARD, a former paralegal who worked the Bay Area. Initially I was a little dubious. Was this going to be an amateur sleuth soap opera, dressed up … Continue reading Jeri Howard

Aaron Gunner

Created by Gar Anthony Haywood Back in the late eighties, AARON GUNNER was my go-to black Los Angeles private eye. Hell, he was pretty much the only one. His 1988 debut, Fear of the Dark (a double-barreled title if there ever was one), was some kind of classic; a finger-pointing, heart-felt blast across the bows … Continue reading Aaron Gunner

Gypsy Moran

Created by Lynn Chandler Willis Las Vegas P.I. GYPSY MORAN is back in his hometown  of Wink in West Texas to visit his kid sister Rhonda, when a former student of hers, 12-year-old Tatum McCallen, asks him to look into his father's alleged suicide, in Wink of an Eye (2014), the winner of the 2013 St. … Continue reading Gypsy Moran