Jeff Regan

Created by Jack Webb "I get ten a day and expenses...they call me the Lyon's Eye. The last of the three detective shows Jack Webb did before Dragnet made him a superstar was Jeff Regan, Investigator followed the adventures of JEFF REGAN. Regan (played by Webb, of course) was a rough-and-tumble private eye working for the International Detective … Continue reading Jeff Regan

Anthony Dellaventura

Created by Richard Di Lello, Julian Neil and Bernard L. Nussbaumer "I'm going to interview Danny (Aiello), and then me and Dellaventura are going to go beat up some punks." -- David Letterman "Sometimes things have a way of working themselves out. Sometimes they don't. This time they did." ANTHONY DELLAVENTURA is a former member of the … Continue reading Anthony Dellaventura

Johnny Dekker

Created by Johnny Dekker Pseudonym of Maurice Anglowitz Other pseudonyms include Mick Anglo (1916-2011)   Another denizen of the Mushroom Jungle, private eye JOHNNY DEKKER appeared in perhaps as many as twenty or so pulp paperbacks in the late 40s.  Though the paperbacks were published in Britain, they were written very much in the “American … Continue reading Johnny Dekker

Welling Waki Oloo

Created by J.N. Catanach Pseudonym of Henry Pelham Burn Kenya believe it? An African eye! In J.N. Catanach's Brideprice, it's 1978, and Jomo Kenyatta, Kenya's first Black president is in charge. Meanwhile, twenty-two year-old Stephanie Duncan has just returned to Kenya for the first time in twelve years, still unsure as to why she was … Continue reading Welling Waki Oloo

Howie Rook

Created by Stuart Palmer Pseudonyms include Jay Stewart (1905-68) A tongue-in-cheek spin on the hard-boiled detective genre (Mike Grost dubbed him "the least hard-boiled of all private eyes"), HOWIE ROOK is a former Los Angeles newshawk turned P.I. who collects clippings and isn't shy about casting dispersions on the competence of the police in a … Continue reading Howie Rook

Barnaby Jones

Created by Edward Hume (1936--) Mmmmm doggies... Folksy to a fault, soft-speaking, slow-walking, elderly Los Angeles private detective BARNABY JONES, who seemed to be on television forever, was an easy mark. Even decades after it lasted aired, people still take potshots at it on shows like The Simpsons and Family Guy. And, in fact, it wasn't … Continue reading Barnaby Jones


Created by Stephen Mertz Other pseudonyms include Stephen Brett, Jim Case, and house pseudonyms Jack Buchanan, Cliff Garnett, Don Pendleton and Dick Stivers (1947--) "McShan! I want a report!" -- Agatha's refrain Prolific pulpster (and huge P.I. fan) Stephen Mertz's very first novel was Some Die Hard (which introduced Denver gumshoe "Rock" Dugan). It was published back in 1979, but it … Continue reading McShan

“Rock” Dugan

Created by Stephen Brett Pseudonym of Stephen Mertz Other pseudonyms include Jim Case, and  pseudonyms Jack Buchanan, Cliff Garnett, Don Pendleton and Dick Stivers (1947--) Published under the pen name of Stephen Brett (a wink to Brett Holliday), prolific pulpster and Men's Adventure writer Steve Mertz’s first book was a P.I. paperback original, Some Die Hard. It … Continue reading “Rock” Dugan


Created by Stephen Mertz Other pseudonyms include Stephen Brett, Jim Case, and house pseudonyms Jack Buchanan, Cliff Garnett, Don Pendleton and Dick Stivers (1947--) "I like Denver well enough, all things considered." -- Kilroy. Not susceptible to Rocky Mountain Highs (Cold in the Ground) "KILROY IS HERE!" is the obvious tagline for this equally obvious but solidly entertaining throwback of … Continue reading Kilroy

My Scrapbook: Owen Smith Does BART

My Scrapbook Owen Smith Does BART (Another one rides the bus) “I like the idea of reading a book and losing yourself on your train ride.” -- Owen Smith Four years after artist Owen Smith was commissioned by the San Francisco Arts Commission to do a series of paintings to create a series of posters, Dashiell Hammett’s … Continue reading My Scrapbook: Owen Smith Does BART