Griff Dexter

Created by Elliot Kennedy Pseudonym of Lionel Robert Holcombe Godfrey Other pseudonyms include Scott Mitchell (1932-80) At first glance, GRIFF DEXTER is quite similar to the author's other Los Angeles private dick, Brock Devlin. But he's a little rougher around the edges, and a bit more cynical, from what I can gather. He's a former cop, booted … Continue reading Griff Dexter

Brock Devlin

Created by Scott Mitchell Pseudonym of Lionel Robert Holcombe Godfrey Other pseudonyms include Elliot Kennedy (1932-80) "I had long ago decided there had to be some difference between one side of the law and the other. So I would do it the hard way... you chump, I told myself. you poor deluded private cop. Brock … Continue reading Brock Devlin

Nick Blade

Created by Edward Churchill Pseudonym o Edward C. Off (1902-1960) Pulpster Edward Churchill's NICK BLADE was yet another P.I. from the heyday of the pulps who never quite made it to bonafide series status, appearing only twice. Still, someone must have thought highly of him or his author -- his debut was featured on the particularly striking … Continue reading Nick Blade

Clay Holt

Created by Carroll John Daly Pseudonyms include John D. Carroll (1889--1958) There but for the Grace of God--or possibly the disapproval of Black Mask editor Joseph "Cap" Shaw--goes Race Williams... It's well known how little the ambitious Shaw thought of Carroll John Daly's writing--despite the fact that his stories featuring trigger-happy Williams were exceedingly popular … Continue reading Clay Holt

Nick Forte

Created by Dana King A sort of spin-off from his Penns River books, A Small Sacrifice (2013) kicked off a new series featuring Doc's cousin NICK FORTE, a former musician turned private eye working the Chicago area. Nick, who previously appeared in Grind Joint (2013), the second Penns novel, is an appealing enough detective, a divorced but … Continue reading Nick Forte

Jack Bodine

Created by Thomas Bunn (1944--) Hmmmm.... wonder if he's any relation to Jethro? Lansing, Michigan gumshoe JACK BODINE puts his P.I. ticket on the line frequently, because he tends to take his cases very personally. In the first novel, Worse Than Death (1989), for example, he becomes emotionally attached when he takes on a case involving a … Continue reading Jack Bodine

John Thomas Ross

Created by Thomas Bunn (1944--) The copy on the dust jacket of Closet Bones (1977) mentions Sam Spade in referring to private detective JOHN THOMAS ROSS, but the resemblance is closer to Hammett’s other detective, the nameless Continental Op. Ross is paunchy, losing his hair and not getting any younger, but yet not easily waylaid … Continue reading John Thomas Ross

Walter James

Created by Wade Miller Pseudonym of Bob Wade (1920-2012) and Bill Miller (1920-1961) Other pseudonyms include Whit Masterson, Dale Wilmer and Will Daemer Deadly Weapon was Wade Miller's first book. You can tell. Published in 1946 when the authors, Bill Miller and Bob Wade, were just twenty-six (they were born a month apart), it introduces Atlanta … Continue reading Walter James

Mark Saber

Created by -- It was a long and winding road for television's MARK SABER, who started off life as a British cop working for a big city American police force on both American radio and television, and ended his career as a one-armed private eye in London in a British television production that was shipped … Continue reading Mark Saber