Deuce Ramsey

Created¬†by Jamie Mandelkau There wasn't much love for the off-beat The Leo Wyoming Caper when it was released in 1977, and it hasn't much improved with age. Dallas, Texas gumshoe DEUCE RAMSEY is hired to track down eccentric (ie: batshit crazy) millionaire and merry prankster Leo Wyoming, an aging hippie who's planning a local "art … Continue reading Deuce Ramsey

Clayton Yankee Taggart

Created by Robert J. Ray CLAYTON YANKEE TAGGART is a¬†Vietnam vet turned Texas private eye, big and tough as all git out. As one character spouts out, "Man don't run across many like that. No sir.'' Which may be the problem. The author tries to tamp down Clayton's character a little, adding a few Spenserian … Continue reading Clayton Yankee Taggart

Alex Mavros

Created by Paul Johnston Half-Greek, half-Scots ALEX MAVROS is a private eye who hails from Athens, in this well-regarded but hard-to-track-down (at least on this side of the pond) series by Paul Johnston. Local colour? You're soaking in it. Mavros specializes in locating the missing, although many of his cases seems to have international connections, … Continue reading Alex Mavros

Truman Smith

Created by Bill Crider Pseudonyms include Nick Carter, Jack MacLane, Jack Buchanan (1941-2018) Galveston is the unique turf of TRUMAN SMITH, retired Dallas private eye. Pushing forty, obsessed with the disappearance of his sister, his only living relative, Truman quits the shamus game and moves back home to Galveston, off the Texas coast. There, he … Continue reading Truman Smith

“Moe Ron” Boyette

Created by Michael Bracken MORRIS RONALD BOYETTE --"MOE RON" to his friends -- is a hard-boiled, hardcore P.I. working out of an office behind Millie's Tattoos and Piercings, just down the hall from Big Mac's Bail Bonds in Waco, Texas. Boyette, is a life-long resident, divorced, with a son with a fondness for SF magazines. … Continue reading “Moe Ron” Boyette

Tom Bethany

Created by Jerome Doolittle A Boston (well...Cambridge) private eye with a difference. Mind you, in these post-Spenserian, aren't they all? Body Scissors (1990), the novel that introduced TOM BETHANY, a man with a colourful past, was an auspicious debut. He'd been, among other things, a soldier in Vietnam, a world-class amateur wrestler (he would have … Continue reading Tom Bethany

Danny Boyd

Created by Carter Brown Pseudonym of Alan Geoffrey Yates; other pseudonyms include Peter Carter Brown, Peter Carter-Brown, Raymond Glenning, Sinclair MacKellar, Dennis Sinclair and Paul Valdez (1923-85) "The trouble when you're talking to a dame is that she's a dame. The rise and fall of the luxuriant curves beneath the black cashmere ... the deep … Continue reading Danny Boyd