Chet and Bernie Little

Created by Spencer Quinn Pseudonym of Peter Abrahams A clever update on Norbert Davis' Doan and Carstairs dog-and-dick team, Spencer Quinn's CHET AND BERNIE series goes the old pulpster one better: the stories are actually narrated by the pooch. And the ever-upbeat, irrepressible Chet has quite the voice, pragmatic and non-judgemental, but in its own … Continue reading Chet and Bernie Little

Lance White (The Rockford Files)

Created by Stephen J. Cannell "Hunches don't come from any place, Jim, they're just hunches. That's how we solve our cases. We get hunches, they turn out to be right, and the case gets solved. Gee, I don't know how you survive as a private investigator, Jim. You don't seem to know any of this … Continue reading Lance White (The Rockford Files)

Johnny Fletcher & Sam Cragg

Created by Frank Gruber Pseudonyms include Stephen Acre, Charles K. Boston & John K. Vedder (1904-69) JOHNNY FLETCHER and SAM CRAGG may claim to be private eyes or even book salesmen, but what they really are are scam artists supreme, always one step from the poorhouse or jail, it seems. Johnny's the "brains" of the … Continue reading Johnny Fletcher & Sam Cragg

Danny and Harry

Created by Walter Brogan and Charles Santino "Danny's a cat. Harry's a seagull. They're private eyes. Proceed." -- the tagline for this web comic says it all. DANNY was a lieutenant in the Big One, and for a while, he pounded the beat as a street cop. But after beating up a corrupt police captain, … Continue reading Danny and Harry

Jackson Healy & Holland March (The Nice Guys)

Created by¬†Shane Black and Anthony Bagarozzi "When you talk to your doctor, tell him you have a spiral fracture." -- Jackson, right before he breaks Holland's arm Writer/director and P.I. buff Shane Black (Lethal Weapon, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, The Long Kiss Goodnight, The Last Boy Scout) is pretty much the go-to guy for mismatched … Continue reading Jackson Healy & Holland March (The Nice Guys)

Cal Calhoun, Rex Randolph & Kenny Madison (Bourbon Street Beat)

Created by Charles Hoffman (?) Bourbon Street Beat (1959-60) was the first (but least commercially successful) of all the 77 Sunset Strip clones churned out by Warner Brothers TV factory back in the sixties, despite the intriguing setting of New Orleans. It was, arguably, the best of the bunch, but it got little love at … Continue reading Cal Calhoun, Rex Randolph & Kenny Madison (Bourbon Street Beat)

Phil Beaumont & Jane Turner

Created by Walter Satterthwait (1947-2020) Now, here's a truly historic private eye series. PHIL BEAUMONT is an op for the Pinkerton Agency (shades of Hammett!), who often works with attractive rookie detective¬†JANE TURNER. British-born Jane, in fact, partially narrates the stories in a series of chatty, revealing, and amusing letters to an old school chum … Continue reading Phil Beaumont & Jane Turner

Joshua Croft

Created by Walter Satterthwait (1947-2020) Affable JOSHUA CROFT and his boss RITA MONDRAGON live, love, and work together as P.I's in Santa Fe, New Mexico. There's some great local colour, plenty of engaging, slightly off-kilter characters and an "appealingly sensitive, slightly cynical series hero" (according to Publishers Weekly) that go a long way towards making … Continue reading Joshua Croft

Frank Hathaway & Lu Shakespeare (Shakespeare & Hathatway)

Created by Paul Matthew Thompson & Jude Tindall In the cuter-than-thou sweepstakes, the easy-going 2018 BBC comedy/drama Shakespeare and Hathaway: Private Investigators is surely a contender. It's not enough that former Detective Inspector turned private eye FRANK HATHAWAY shares the family name of the Bard's wife and works in Stratford-upon-Avon. That alone would race at … Continue reading Frank Hathaway & Lu Shakespeare (Shakespeare & Hathatway)

Nat Lawson

Created by John McFetridge Oh, John, you're such a tease... If there's one thing that gets my shamus senses tingling, it's a Montreal private eye. And Toronto author (and Montreal ex-pat) McFetridge delivers just enough with the short story "Barbotte" to get me all hot and bothered. It's 1946, and NAT LAWSON is just back … Continue reading Nat Lawson