Mulligan and Garrity (The Gorilla)

Created by Ralph Spence (1890-1940) "Out go the lights---on go the thrills! Shrieks! Yells! Roars! Screams! More Shrieks! MULLIGAN, MULLIGAN, WHERE THE HELL IS MULLIGAN?" -- lyrics from the musical Ralph Spence's 1925 play The Gorilla: A Musical Comedy, was a slight piece of silliness that intentionally lampooned the whole haunted house genre, so popular … Continue reading Mulligan and Garrity (The Gorilla)

Ben Garrity, Harrigan and Mulligan (The Gorilla)

Created by Ralph Spence (1890-1940) "A Ritz is afraid of nothing ... but ... THIS ... IS ... SOMETHING!" -- tagline The Gorilla was a relatively obscure comedy by playwright Ralph Spence (original title: The Gorilla: A Musical Comedy), which had a short run on Broadway way back in 1925, but it had surprising long … Continue reading Ben Garrity, Harrigan and Mulligan (The Gorilla)

Bobby Cain & Harper McCoy

Created by D.P. Lyle Okay, so BOBBY CAIN and HARPER McCOY aren't your usual male/female duo of crimefighters -- they're brother and sister. More or less. "Adopted" and raised as siblings by a itinerant group of hustlers, scam artists, tramps and thieves that was at various times called "a family, a clan or a gypsy … Continue reading Bobby Cain & Harper McCoy

Delpha Wade & Tom Phelan

Created by Lisa Sandlin "Still got nine fingers left. Aim to keep them" -- Tom, when asked why he quit working on oil rigs and became a P.I. Let's get this straight. TOM PHELAN is the private eye, and MISS DELPHA WADE is his secretary, but she gets top billing on the cover? What's going on … Continue reading Delpha Wade & Tom Phelan

Johnny Delarosa

Created by David Stever The first one's called Auburn Ride. The second's called Toxic Blonde. I'm betting number three (coming soon) will be Bodacious Brunette. According to my creative writing teacher, referring to women by their hair colour is considered a major faux pas these days; a throwback to a less enlightened and politically incorrect time, … Continue reading Johnny Delarosa

Vincent Saldana & Mullet Mendes

Created by Sam Cole Pseudonym of Mike Nicol and Joanne Hichens The Dark Continent just got darker... In Cape Greed (2009), Cape Town cops VINCENT SALDANA and JEFFREY "MULLET" MENDES have had enough. They figure the time is right to go private, now that even "the scum" have human rights now and the streets are getting more … Continue reading Vincent Saldana & Mullet Mendes

Sabrina & Hilton Shire

Created by E.D. Bird A self-published novel by Elaine D. Bird, a Scottish writer living in Zimbabwe, Goldenviron: The First Encounter (2011) follows private investigator SABRINA SHIRE, who's hired a woman to find out who murdered her husband Ben Curl, apparently the only shareholder in a giant mining company, Goldenviron, in an apparently-unnamed African nation. The story kicks in with Sabrina … Continue reading Sabrina & Hilton Shire

Pearl Parker and Finn Gallagher (South of the Border)

Created by Susan Wilkins Good girl PEARL PARKER and punkette FINN GALLAGHER are two young besties from Deptford in South London who decide to become private eyes, in South of the Border, a British television show that ran for two seasons on BBC1 in the late eighties, and was notable at the time for its defiant … Continue reading Pearl Parker and Finn Gallagher (South of the Border)

Chris Tierney, Fabio Calvalcanti and Anna Holz (TECX)

Created by -- Supposedly ho-hum, this glossy but short-lived British TV show revolved around a trio of young, ambitious Brussels-based private eyes. CHRIS TIERNEY (played by Ron Spendlove), a former grape picker and teacher from the U.K., is convinced by an Italian wine businessman and Raymond Chandler junkie FABIO CAVALCANTI (Urbano Barberini) to help him … Continue reading Chris Tierney, Fabio Calvalcanti and Anna Holz (TECX)