Vera Kelly

Created by Rosalie Knecht Her debut in 2018's genre-and-gender flipping Who is Vera Kelly?, a wonky mish-mash that hits the sweet spot somewhere between The Spy Who Came in from the Cold and Bridget Jones' Diary, knocked a lot of critics and readers back on their heels. The titular heroine was, of course, VERA KELLY, a sassy young … Continue reading Vera Kelly

Martin Kane (Private Eye)

Created by J. Walter Thompson & Co., on behalf of The U.S. Tobacco Company   MARTIN KANE was television's first private eye, so there! And just to rub it in, his show was called Private Eye. No muss, no fuss--just the straight goods. Talk about putting your mark on something. Featuring an easy-going but determined Big … Continue reading Martin Kane (Private Eye)

Tom Doran

Created by Mike Moran Pseudonyms of William Ard (1922-1960) In his only appearance, 1953's Double Cross, private eye TOM DORAN handles the narrative chores himself,  explaining how, despite his status as an "independent operator," he will occasionally take on a job from a larger agency. And so he agrees to bodyguard boxer Rudy Walker, who's … Continue reading Tom Doran

Mike Fontaine (aka Danny Fontaine)

Created by William Ard Pseudonyms include Jonas Ward, Ben Kerr, Thomas Wills and Mike Moran (1922-1960) When we first meet MIKE FONTAINE, in William Ard's As Bad As I Am (1959), he's a struggling New York actor. Perhaps more struggling than most--he's just been released from prison, after serving five years for killing a man for beating a … Continue reading Mike Fontaine (aka Danny Fontaine)

Barney Glines

Created by Thomas Wills Pseudonym of William Ard (1922-60) Another private eye from the gumshoe factory of William Ard! When we first meet BARNEY GLINES in the noirish You'll Get Yours (1952), published by Lion Books, a notoriously seedy, paperback house of the early fifties, he's a New York private eye with a rep for integrity, … Continue reading Barney Glines

Johnny Liddell

Created by Frank Kane Pseudonyms include Frank Boyd (1912 - 1968)   Frank Kane's New York private eye JOHNNY LIDDELL may have never been essential reading, he was arguably the quintessential fifties private eye, comfortably and even enjoyably generic, an endlessly malleable amalgamation of everything that made that decade's dicks swing. Created by Kane for an … Continue reading Johnny Liddell

Jimmy (The Poet and the Private Eye)

Created by Rob Gittins In Rob Gittins 2014 imaginative novel, The Poet and the Private Eye, it's New York City, 1953, and JIMMY, a rough-around-the-edges private eye, is hired by Con, the attorney for a big, weekly national magazine (Time, anyone?) to do a "simple tail job," which consists of digging up whatever he can … Continue reading Jimmy (The Poet and the Private Eye)

Nick Carter

Created by Nicholas Carter Pseudonym of John R. Coryell (1848-1924) Sound of someone knocking on the door... Woman: "What's the matter? What is it?" Man: "It's another case for Nick Carter... Master Detective!." Announcer: "Yes, it's another case for that most famous of all manhunters, the detective whose ability at solving crime is unequalled in … Continue reading Nick Carter

Milo March

Created by M.E. Chaber Pseudonym of Kendall Foster Crossen Other pseudonyms include Bennett Barlay, Christopher Monig, Richard Foster & Clay Richards (1910-1981) MILO MARCH, a former employee of both the OSS and the CIA before becoming a high-flying, globetrotting investigator for Denver-based Intercontinental Innsurance, appeared in over twenty fast-paced books by M.E. Chaber. Later in … Continue reading Milo March