Mike Angel

Created by David H. Fears "My dick was hot now, expectant. She was Kimbra, in the flesh." -- from Dark Glory   Hoo-boy. New York gumshoee MIKE ANGEL is the hero of a string of enthusiastically self-published "historical erotic" mysteries, that promises plenty of old-fashioned good stuff. When we first meet him in Dark Quarry … Continue reading Mike Angel

Diana Andrews

Created by Albert Tucher Defiant, unapologetic and streetwise DIANA ANDREWS¬†is a crime-solving hooker in New Jersey who has -- so far -- appeared in more than seventy hard-boiled short stories in venues including the anthology The Best American Mystery Stories 2010." So... she's not a private eye, not exactly -- more of a gifted amateur. … Continue reading Diana Andrews

Harry Rane

Created by Wallace Stroby Before he was a big shot New York Times bestseller and drawing praise from folks like Stephen King and Lawrence Block, Wallace Stroby (the Crissa Stone series) kicked off his novel-writing career with a couple of damn good hard-boiled P.I. thrillers featuring former New Jersey State Trooper HARRY RANE. Widowed,¬†grief-stricken and … Continue reading Harry Rane

Andy Carpenter

Created by David Rosenfelt Baby I'm a rich man... ANDY CARPENTER is just another hard-working criminal lawyer with a gift for gab, living in the Paterson, New Jersey burbs. Then his dad, Nelson Carpenter, an allegedly straight-arrow former DA, ups and dies, leaving Andy $22 million dollars richer. Well, what more can a poor boy … Continue reading Andy Carpenter

Stephanie Plum

Created by Janet Evanovich "That shooting gave me an appetite, somebody pass me the potatoes." -- Grandma Mazur in One for the Money Working-class Jersey girl and former lingerie buyer STEPHANIE PLUM is a bond bailsma-er-bailsperson, working out of the blue collar "burg" in Trenton, New Jersey, where "houses and minds are proud to be … Continue reading Stephanie Plum