Nick & Sue Burney

Created by Edward Churchill Pseudonym o Edward C. Off (1902-1960) The Rock City correspondent for the Las Verdes Sentinel, tall thin NICK BURNEY has an"unruly mop of black hair," a beat-up but reliable Ford pick-up, and a habit of drinking and driving. He also has a wife, SUE BURNEY, an outdoorsy type who's "slim and boyish" with … Continue reading Nick & Sue Burney

Henry Goiler

Created by Tom Fassbender and Jim Pascoe For those of you who can't get enough of retro eye Benjamin Drake, check out "Faze Out," a nitty, gritty short story by Fassbender and Pascoe featuring Drake's nemesis and inter-office rival at the Always Reddy Detective Agency in Testacy City, fellow op HENRY GOILER. In this tale, the … Continue reading Henry Goiler

Mort Angel

Created by Rob Leininger "In my personal opinion, and in the court of public opinion, IRS agents rank somewhere below that of politicians or prostitutes." -- Mort mulls over his previous occupation in Gumshoe Reno, Nevada's MORTIMER "MORT" ANGEL turned his back on sixteen years of soul-sucking drudgery as an IRS investigator for sixteen years, … Continue reading Mort Angel