Benny Cooperman

Created by Howard Engel “She was the sort of woman that made you wish you’d taken another three minutes shaving... I felt a little under-dressed in my own office” Oh Canada. The Great White North may be under-represented in the private eye field, but we do have Howard Engel's BENNY COOPERMAN, one of the most … Continue reading Benny Cooperman

The Made-for-Television Movies

Of course, the line gets damn blurry sometimes. Is a two-hour Rockford Files episode a TV movie? Should Banacek be listed as a series or a series of TV movies? Was The Dain Curse a mini-series or a multi-part TV movie? Does a two-hour pilot get listed as a TV movie only if it fails? … Continue reading The Made-for-Television Movies

Liz Stonestreet

Created by Leslie Stevens "I've got a .38, I'm licensed, and I shoot 290!" In Stonestreet: Who Killed the Centerfold Model?, a 1977 made-for-television movie, TV's I Dream of Jeannie trades in the harem pants and a belly button divot for a trenchcoat and a pantsuit (and sometimes considerably less) as LIZ STONESTREET, a former … Continue reading Liz Stonestreet