Anna Lee

Created by Liza Cody Back in the early eighties, while everyone was huffing and puffing Stateside about Sharon, Kinsey and V.I., across the pond British author Liza Cody was writing an amazing story arc about a young female P.I.'s journey from innocence to a hard-fought world-weariness. One of the very best of the female investigators, … Continue reading Anna Lee


Created by Janet Roger It's 1947, World War II is over, it's early Christmas morning and the snow is falling, and NEWMAN, an American ex-pat living in a post-war, post-Blitz London, still digging itself out from under the rubble, in Janet Roger's ambitious, Chandler-leaning and much-acclaimed debut, Shamus Dust (2019). Newman (no first name) has been … Continue reading Newman

Pearl Parker and Finn Gallagher (South of the Border)

Created by Susan Wilkins Good girl PEARL PARKER and punkette FINN GALLAGHER are two young besties from Deptford in South London who decide to become private eyes, in South of the Border, a British television show that ran for two seasons on BBC1 in the late eighties, and was notable at the time for its defiant … Continue reading Pearl Parker and Finn Gallagher (South of the Border)

George Webb

Created by Graham Swift "The things people ask you to do..." Who'd a thunk it? Remember, at the end of Hammett's The Maltese Falcon, when Sam Spade tells Brigid O'Shaughnessy, just as she's being carted off to prison, that he would wait for her? Well, with that concept in mind, Booker Prize-winning author Graham Swift … Continue reading George Webb

Fitzroy Maclean Angel

Created by Mike Ripley "True love may be blind, but good sex sends you cross-eyed." -- Angel on the meaning of life in That Angel Look Move over, Carlotta Carlyle and Steve Midnight, and add London, England's FITZROY MACLEAN ANGEL to the the ranks of cab-drivin' PI's. Angel is a loopy, randy, trumpet-playing thirty-something ne'er-do-well/private … Continue reading Fitzroy Maclean Angel

Vicar Brekonridge

Created by Richard Helms "Don't count so much on my heart. I have to eat like everyone else." This Helms guy just keeps on making up new and interesting eyes, but VICAR BREKONRIDGE may be one of his more intriguing creations. In 1840s London, Brekonridge is a thief-taker, which means Helms takes pains to explain (in a … Continue reading Vicar Brekonridge

Arthur G. Crook

Created by Anthony Gilbert Pseudonym of Lucy Beatrice Malleson (1899-1973) "My clients are never guilty." -- Arthur's motto The aptly-named ARTHUR G. CROOK is a rather shifty, but charming London lawyer-detective who doesn't seem to know much law, but is apparently more than willing to do just about anything or go just about anywhere for … Continue reading Arthur G. Crook

Scott Mitchell

Created by John Harvey Pseudonyms include Jon Barton, Jon Hart, Terry Lennox and James Mann (1938 --) John Harvey is best known for his acclaimed Inspector Charlie Resnick novels, about a jazz-loving Nottingham cop, but he's also the man behind a series of paperback originals featuring London's  SCOTT MITCHELL, "the toughest private eye - and the … Continue reading Scott Mitchell

Tommy Akhtar

Created by Patrick Neate (1970 --) "You can learn everything you need to know about life from the game of cricket." -- from "The Little Book of Tommy" Southwest London is the stomping ground of disillusioned, low-key private eye and self-proclaimed "piss artist" TOMMY AKHTAR, a Ugandan-Indian-English ("paki" for short, according to Tommy) ex-Muslim who … Continue reading Tommy Akhtar

Matthew Grand & James Batchelor

Created by M.J. Trow MATTHEW GRAND, formerly of the U.S. Army (he was a witness to Abraham Lincoln's assassination), and JAMES BATCHELOR, an ex-journalist, are a pair of private enquiry agents in Victorian London, in a series of historical thrillers by M.J. Trow that mix (not always successfully) light-hearted hijinks with some pretty gruesome murders … Continue reading Matthew Grand & James Batchelor