Myron Bolitar

Created by Harlan Coben One of the most enduring series to pop out of the nineties features mild-mannered amateur sleuth (and former FBI investigator) sports agent MYRON BOLITAR, a man who by all rights shouldn't even be listed on these pages. What can I say? Nope, he's not a private eye in any traditional sense, … Continue reading Myron Bolitar

Tommy Cuda

Created by Joe Klingler Now here's a weird one... TOMMY CUDA isn't a private eye -- he's a grease monkey slacker pushing thirty, a perennial college student still living at home with a vinyl record collection, an electric guitar, a bookcase full of mystery paperbacks and a headful of dreams, with absolutely nothing going on … Continue reading Tommy Cuda

Socrates Fortlow

Created by Walter Mosley (1952--) Not a private eye, not a cop, not even really an amateur sleuth, SOCRATES FORTLOW is just an aging ex-con (he served twenty-seven years for a double murder) trying to cope. He lives in a tiny, makeshift two-room Watts apartment, cooking on a hot plate, taking whatever honest work he … Continue reading Socrates Fortlow

Eddie Shoestring

Created By Robert Banks Stewart After wigging out and destroying a £500,000 computer, EDDIE SHOESTRING, a scruffy computer expert (and, it's hinted, a former asylum inmate) lands a job at a Bristol radio station as a phone-in host, a sort of "private ear", who solves callers' problems. It doesn't sound like much, but Shoestring is … Continue reading Eddie Shoestring


Created by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips No, the long-running, Eisner-winning CRIMINAL comic book series, written by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips, isn't a P.I. comic. Not really. But with stuff this good, who cares? Criminal began in October 2006, initially published by Marvel's Icon imprint, and followed the crimes (successful and otherwise) and misadventures of … Continue reading Criminal

Jonathan Quinn

Created by Brett Battles JONATHAN QUINN is an ex-cop who now works freelance as a sort of "cleaner" for the intelligence industry, sanitizing all traces of violence when an operation goes sideways. And given the oxymoronic qualities of the "intelligence industry" these days, it's rare that he has to look very hard for work. But don't … Continue reading Jonathan Quinn

Frank and Joe Hardy (The Hardy Boys)

Created by Franklin W. Dixon House pseudonym of Stratemeyer Syndicate(1862-1930)   World-renowned private detective, and former ace NYPD sleuth FENTON HARDY seemed to always be off somewhere working on some important case, so that left his two teenage sons, FRANK and JOE HARDY, to watch over things in Bayport, a thriving town on the north-eastern … Continue reading Frank and Joe Hardy (The Hardy Boys)

Mali Anderson

Created by Grace Edwards Whoa, whoa, whoa, it's the Harlem Shuffle... Sometime-sleuth MALI ANDERSON is a savvy, street-smart student working towards a Ph.D. in social work with roots deep that go deep into her Harlem working class neighborhood. But this isn't some bleak, mean streets gangsta hip hop kinda film-at-eleven version of Harlem. Instead, it's … Continue reading Mali Anderson