Scooby-Doo & Mystery, Inc.

Created by Joe Ruby and Ken Spears “I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for you meddling kids” -- never actually uttered, but the thought is there. Ruh-roh. No, SCOOBY-DOO, a giant talking Great Dane, and teenagers NORVILLE "SHAGGY" ROGERS, THELMA DINKLEY, DAPHNE BLAKE and FRED JONES are not private detectives. … Continue reading Scooby-Doo & Mystery, Inc.

Apocalypse Al (aka Allison Carter)

Created by J. Michael Straczynski "The name's Al. Short for Allison Carter. Private investigator, specializing in the end of the world. More specifically, preventing the same." It's pretty much the end of the world as we know it, unless Hollywood private eye ALLISON "APOCALYPSE AL" CARTER can put a stop to it. Mind you, what … Continue reading Apocalypse Al (aka Allison Carter)

Kiddie Pulp, Part II

Portrait of the Detective as a Young Sleuth Perhaps realizing how popular mysteries are with young readers, a few P.I. writers have jumped on the bandwagon with stories of their grown-up detectives making their way through the world as children and young adults or, in Harlan Coben's case, saddling his series detective with a precocious high school … Continue reading Kiddie Pulp, Part II

Mickey Bolitar

Created by Harlan Coben Young teenager MICKEY BOLITAR's even further removed from P.I. status than his crime-solving uncle Myron Bolitar, the trouble-bound sports agent who thinks he's Spenser. But, like his uncle with whom he goes to live with after the death of his father in this series of young adult mysteries, Mickey's got the … Continue reading Mickey Bolitar

Peter Quint

Created by Erle Stanley Gardner (1889-1970) In 1941, Erle Stanley Gardner wrote a little mini-series of three related stories for the Saturday Evening Post featuring PETER QUINT, a fast-talking salesman with "a line of sales talk that would make the Statue of Liberty drop the lamp to grab a fountain pen." The stories, according to Gardner fan … Continue reading Peter Quint

Gil Hamilton

Created by Larry Niven GIL HAMILTON isn't actually a private eye, but he sure acts like one. He's a member of A.R.M., a special unit of the U.N. dedicated to the task of tracking down organleggers. You see, in the future, medical knowledge has reached the point where almost any body part is transplantable. But … Continue reading Gil Hamilton

John Corey

Created by Nelson DeMille Pseudonyms include Jack Cannon, Kurt Ladner, Ellen Kay and Brad Matthews (1943--) Spy or eye? JOHN COREY is not, strictly speaking, a private eye. But using the same slightly loosened criteria afforded Dave Robicheaux and a few others on this site, he deserves consideration here by virtue of the wiseass, irreverent, … Continue reading John Corey

Vee Brown (The Crime Machine)

Created by Carroll John Daly Also wrote as John D. Carroll (1889--1958)   Slight of build and seemingly mild-mannered VIVIAN "VEE" BROWN may not look like much of a threat to anyone. He lives in a swank Park Avenue penthouse, and writes hit songs for a living. Fans of pop music call him the "Master … Continue reading Vee Brown (The Crime Machine)

Mici Anhalt

Created by Lillian O'Donnell (1926-2005) Not really a P.I., MICI ANHALT is an investigator, though. For the New York City Crime Victim's Compensation Board, and in her three book-length cases, she comes off more like a private eye than some paper-packing social worker, even if she is, tangentially, a government worker. An ex-ballerina and a former … Continue reading Mici Anhalt

Joe “The Bouncer” Brody

Created by David Gordon An eye is an eye is an eye. Except when he isn't. But I think most visitors to this site won't mind if I cut this JOE "THE BOUNCER" BRODY guy a little slack... As a former Black Ops Specialist turned smart-ass strip club bouncer (and reluctant part-time fixer for the … Continue reading Joe “The Bouncer” Brody