Dan Starkey

Created by Colin Bateman DAN STARKEY is a Belfast born-and-bred reporter (as is his creator, Colin Bateman). He's a cynic and an alcoholic, and so far, the hero (or more precisely, the anti-hero) of four novels and one film, loosely based on the first novel. That first book, Divorcing Jack (1995), is set in Northern … Continue reading Dan Starkey

Ed Loy

Created by Declan Hughes "I said a prayer, or something like a prayer, offering it up to theclear, starry sky, then slipped and nearly fell on an early frost outside McGoldrick's pub." -- from The Price of Blood Award-winning Irish playwright, and the co-founder of Dublin's Rough Magic Theatre Company, Declan Hughes' The Wrong Kind … Continue reading Ed Loy

Bernard Holland

Created by Mike Shelley The so-called "last private eye in Belfast," BERNARD HOLLAND, is no saint. A former agent for British Intelligence, Bernard may appear to be a well-respected, middle-aged gentleman, a devoted husband and local entrepreneur, with the offices of his three seperate businesses, Janus Import and Export, Blue Angel Introductions and the Rapid … Continue reading Bernard Holland

Irish Eyes, Smiling or Otherwise

P.I.'s of the Emerald Isle "There are no private eyes in Ireland. The Irish wouldn't wear it. The concept brushes perilously close to the hated 'informer.' You can get get away weith almost anything except 'telling.'" -- Jack Taylor on the paucity of P.I.s in Ireland, in The Guards (2001) by Ken Bruen John Blaine … Continue reading Irish Eyes, Smiling or Otherwise

John Blaine

Created by Vincent Banville Pseudnyms include Vincent Lawrence (1940--) JOHN BLAINE is a private investigator from Dublin, Ireland who has appeared in a series of short, fast-paced mysteries that have him dealing with Romanian gangs, missing sons, wandering daughters, Irish heatwaves and the like. In his debut, Death by Design (1993), Blaine is hired to … Continue reading John Blaine

Jack Taylor

Created by Ken Bruen (1951--) "Expect nothing, and by Christ, you're entitled to even less" -- Jack Taylor in The Devil Alchohic. Coke fiend. Pill popper. Angry. Bitter. A limp. Scarred. Broken. Battered, tattered and tortured. A man of few joys but many great sorrows. Loyal to a fault. As flawed as fuck. And as … Continue reading Jack Taylor