Slater Ibáñez

Created by George Bixley SLATER IBÁÑEZ is an ill-tempered, violence-prone insurance investigator with a drinking problem and a problem keeping it zipped, who prowls the streets of LA, looking for insurance fraud and sex, "keeping his balance with the jobs that his employer, Della, throws his way, and the back-channel support he gets from his … Continue reading Slater Ibáñez

Joe Shannon (Shannon)

Created by... In the 1961–62 season, George Nader appeared as stand-up insurance investigator JOE SHANNON in the syndicated crime drama Shannon. Joe worked for the Los Angeles branch of the Transport Bonding and Surety Company, which had its headquartered in Denver, Colorado. Joe's job was to protect the company's clients (apparently mostly trucking companies) from hijacking, … Continue reading Joe Shannon (Shannon)

Russ Andrews, Steve Banks & Maggie Peters (The Investigators)

Russ Andrews, Steve Banks & Maggie Peters (The Investigators) Created by Michael Garrison Hotshot insurance investigators RUSS ANDREWS and STEVE BANKS ran the prestigious, swanky New York-based Investigators, Inc. on The Investigator, a 1961 television show that attempted to milk the popularity of 77 Sunset Strip (1958) and its numerous imitators, a formula that was easy enough to copy, but not necessarily … Continue reading Russ Andrews, Steve Banks & Maggie Peters (The Investigators)

Vicki Anderson/Catherine Banning

Created by Alan Trustman VICKI ANDERSON is the hotshot insurance dick called in to investigate a high-stakes Boston bank heist in Norman Jewison's stylish romantic suspense thriller The Thomas Crown Affair (1968 ). She soon finds herself pitted, both romantically and professionally, against the caper's mastermind, a successful, but bored, multi-millionaire Thomas Crown, played by … Continue reading Vicki Anderson/Catherine Banning

Nick Acropolis

Created by Jack Clark In Westerfield's Chain (2002), an impressive (and Shamus-nominated debut), NICK ACROPOLIS is an former Chicago Homicide cop now working as private eye, taking on low-level insurance cases. Nothing special, nothing too dangerous. But looking into a routine traffic incident involving an off-duty cop, Nick stumbles upon more than he bargained for, … Continue reading Nick Acropolis

Jackson Kratz

Created by Justin Welton What the world needs now is... A "porn remake" of Double Indemnity? Yes, that's exactly how A Comprehensive Encyclopedia of Film Noir describes Eruption, an X-rated 1977 cinematic offering that "borrows" the set-up and even lifts some of the dialogue from the 1944 film noir classic, directed by Billy Wilder from … Continue reading Jackson Kratz

Abby Kaplan

Created by Michael Koryta Former stunt driver ABBY KAPLAN knows all about car wrecks -- it was a joy ride that ended tragically that cost her her career in Hollywood. So now she works as an insurance investigator in Maine, in Michael Koryta's potential new series, which is already generating some significant buzz. Michael Koryta, a … Continue reading Abby Kaplan

Mike Longstreet

Developed for television by Stirling Silliphant From a character created by Baynard Kendricks The seventies were truly the Golden Age of the TV Dick, when the airwaves were saturated with private eyes and cops of all sizes and shapes. There were so many of them that the nightly barrage of murder and mayhem began to … Continue reading Mike Longstreet

Johnny Dollar

Created by Jack Johnstone Everyone has a favorite radio series. Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar is the one that got me into OTR collecting and was the original reason I joined The Radio Historical Association of Colorado. I probably have more episodes of this show in my collection than any other single series. For over 12 … Continue reading Johnny Dollar

Bud Cooper

Created by Joel Cohen and Ethan Coen Revised by George Clooney and Grant Heslov "It starts out like a Disney film, and by the end it feels like an acid trip." -- George Clooney, in Entertainment Weekly In the 2017 blackly-comic, blood-splattered thriller Suburicon (2017, Paramount), Matt Damon, Julianne Moore and Noah Jupe are a squeaky … Continue reading Bud Cooper