Angel O’Day & Sam Simeon (Angel and the Ape)

Created by E. Nelson Bridwell, Howie Post and Bob Oksner Like, groovy! ANGEL BEATRIX O'DAY is a New York city-based private eye, who runs the O'Day and Simeon Detective Agency. She's 5'10" and 140 lbs, has blue eyes and platinum blonde hair, and tends to favour short dresses and skirts. But the dumb blonde jokes … Continue reading Angel O’Day & Sam Simeon (Angel and the Ape)

Mad About You Department: What, me shamus?

Parodies and satires of TV Eyes in MAD Magazine When you think about it, MAD Magazine's Alfred E. Neuman has been dogging the TV dick -- and occasionally his big screen counterpart -- almost since its birth, kicking plenty of dirt on assorted gumshoes in the process. Whether it's "Perry Masonmint" or good ol' "Jam … Continue reading Mad About You Department: What, me shamus?

Dahlia Moss

Created by Max Wirestone Imagine if Veronica Mars was a regular on TV's The Big Bang Theory, and all that tough-girl chic and hands-on savvy was replaced by a eyes-averted, downward-gazing gamer geek in dire financial straits, and you've pretty much got a snapshot of DAHLIA MOSS. It's the cash flow problems (she's got $17.23 in … Continue reading Dahlia Moss

Ace Crawford

Created by Ron Clark and Tim Conway Down these mean streets a man must stumble, bumble and fumble. And that man is... ACE CRAWFORD, PRIVATE EYE. Not the first -- and certainly not the last -- time that television offered a parody of the traditional private eye, this one poked light-hearted, gentle fun at the … Continue reading Ace Crawford

Jonathan Ames (Bored to Death)

Created by Jonathan Ames Ray: "You're an idiot!" Jonathan: "Thanks for understanding." -- from "Super Ray is Mortal!!" There's something a little too self-consciously hip and edgy and meta-smug about the HBO comedy Bored to Death (2009-11), but underneath it all, there beats a warm and generous heart. Jason Schwartzman stars as JONATHAN AMES, a nerdy, … Continue reading Jonathan Ames (Bored to Death)

Izzy Spellman (The Spellman Files)

Created by Lisa Lutz It's a family affair... Despite her habit of being arrested, former bad girl and wild child ISABEL "IZZY" SPELLMAN may just be the sane one in her family. Which may not be saying much. She's the obstensible bad girl heroine (and narrator) of this series that details the hijinks of an extremely … Continue reading Izzy Spellman (The Spellman Files)