Oh, The Games People Played Then

Some Early P.I. Videogames (1988-2002) Imagine a world without broadband or cell phones. Where fax machines were cutting edge, and nobody had heard of Apple or Microsoft or broadband or even the internet. Floppies were king. We're talking seriously old school here. Most of the platforms these were played on are long, long gone, but … Continue reading Oh, The Games People Played Then

Gimcracks, Geegaws & Other Dinguses

Private Eye Collectibles The Maltese Falcon Statuette (Replica) | Buy it! 2008, Haunted Studios This deluxe, full-size replica of the 1941 Maltese Falcon Prop Statue, cast in reinforced, hardened resin. stands 12 inches tall, weighs in at a hefty thirteen pounds, and comes in optional exclusive gift packaging, wrapped in Chinese newspapers and bound with twine in … Continue reading Gimcracks, Geegaws & Other Dinguses