Velda Bellinghausen

Created by Ron Miller From the The New York Graphic, February 2, 1951: CHORUS GIRL TURNS SHAMUS "To the disappointment of her many admirers, Miss Velda Bellinghausen, one of the better-known of the leggy chorines of Slotnik's Famous Follies, has turned in her g-string. What does the retiring ecdysiast plan to do with her time? … Continue reading Velda Bellinghausen

Betty Blake

Created by H.L. Parkhurst "The Girl Super-Detective Who Always Gets Her Man!" -- the tagline announcing a story coming up in the next issue A sort of classier, more upscale version of Sally the Sleuth, BETTY BLAKE appeared in a handful of two-page comic book stories in Super-Detective, a sister publication of Spicy Detective Stories, … Continue reading Betty Blake

Jessica Shaw

Created by Lisa Gray Private investigator and road warrior JESSICA SHAW has been tracking down missing persons for seven years ("five in New York, and the last two on the road). She's good at her job, but she's hardened over the years, to the point where she casually divides adult missing persons into two simple, cynical … Continue reading Jessica Shaw

Ms. Tree

Created by Max Allan Collins and Terry Beatty Since Mike Hammer was originally planned for comic books, it only seems fitting that Spillane defender/apologist and hard-boiled renaissance man Max Allan Collins' "female Mike Hammer," MICHAEL TREE, should appear in the appropriate medium. And who knows? Collins is probably most famous for his historical detective novels … Continue reading Ms. Tree

Grace Adams & Aunt Agatha

Created by Kin Platt (?)   The Agatha Detective Agency was a part of the supporting cast of Nedor's Captain Future, a costumed superhero very much in the Superman mode who appeared regularly in superhero anthology Startling Comics in the early nineteen forties, alongside such other characters as Pyroman and The Fighting Yank. The agency had just two members: … Continue reading Grace Adams & Aunt Agatha

Violet McDade & Nevada Alvarado

Created by Cleve F. Adams (1895-1949) "Violet hit him. Not hard, just a backhanded sweep across the room." -- Nevada relates how her boss handles men. The honour of being the first hard-boiled lady private eye belongs to the buxom young lass over there to the right, Cleve F. Adams VIOLET McDADE, who made her … Continue reading Violet McDade & Nevada Alvarado

Charlie’s Angels

Sabrina Duncan, Jill Munroe, Kelly Garrett, Kris Munroe, Tiffany Welles, Julie Rogers, Natalie Cook, Dylan Sanders, Alex Munday, Kate Prince, Eve French and Abby Sampson Created by Ivan Goff and Ben Roberts "Once upon a time there were three beautiful girls who went to the police academy, and they were each assigned very hazardous duties. … Continue reading Charlie’s Angels

Drawn That Way

Ten (or So) Lady Eyes from the Comics Sally the Sleuth The grandma of them all, Sally may have had been portrayed as almost constant rape bait in her early appearances, but she was nobody's bimbo. She appeared in countless comic adventures, originally in the pages of Spicy Detective. Betty Blake Sally's big sister. A … Continue reading Drawn That Way