Charlie Waterfield

Created by Andrew Kaufman Middle-aged and recently divorced, CHARLIE WATERFIELD is no private eye. But one cold winter night, Charlie splits a cab fare with a stranger in a purple hat, and as they chat, a cloud of purple smoke floods the vehicle, and poofs him away. When he wakes up, he discovers himself sitting … Continue reading Charlie Waterfield

Jenner Faulds (Fairlady)

Created by Brian Schirmer Every fantasy epic ends with a war. But what happens when the war is over? All set for a female comic book private eye in an ongoing fantasy series that pitches itself as “Magnum P.I.  meets Fables”? That's the concept behind Fairlady, a 2019 Image Comics fantasy offering. The war is … Continue reading Jenner Faulds (Fairlady)

Joe Golem

Created by Christopher Golden and Mike Mignola Known mostly for his comic book appearances, "occult detective" JOE GOLEM actually made his debut in Joe Golem and the Drowning City (2012), an illustrated prose novel by co-created by comics scribe Mike Mignola and novelist Christopher Golden and was only later transposed to the comics in the 2015 miniseries, … Continue reading Joe Golem

Harry Challenge

Created by Ron Goulart (1933--) One of Ron Goulart countless P.I. creations, HARRY CHALLENGE is a field operative for the Challenge International Detective Agency, a family business. Receiving his assignments by mail and telegram from his nearly-estranged father, Harry bounces around early 20th century Europe, usually accompanied by stage magician The Great Lorenzo (whose abilities … Continue reading Harry Challenge

Harry Dresden

Created by Jim Butcher When it comes to private eying, Harry's a real wiz. Literally. HARRY BLACKSTONE COPPERFIELD DRESDEN is Chicago's only listed wizard and a PI, solving cases of the supernatural kind, occassionally even working with the Chicago PD, in a popular series of novels collectively known as "The Dresden Files." Mind you, this … Continue reading Harry Dresden


Created by Glen Cook A well-received series about a man called GARRETT, the top--and only--private eye in TunFaire. It's not easy making a living as a private dick in a town full of ogres, dwarfs, gnomes, sorcerors, centaurs, nymphs and elves, never mind having Captain Block of the Watch always on your case, but dammit, … Continue reading Garrett