Marco “The Alligator” Buratti

Created by Massimo Carlotto MARCO BURATTI, better known as "The Alligator" (now there's a name you can, uh, sink your teeth into) is a former blues singer and ex-con now working as a private eye in Venice, Italy, in a series of tough, hard-boiled crime novels by Massimo Carlotto. And rest assured that his partners, … Continue reading Marco “The Alligator” Buratti

Jake Cardigan

Created by William Shatner (1931--) When I first heard about this one, I was all set to lace into this one. I mean, Tiberius Hambone a writer? But he -- or at least Ron Goulart -- pulled it off. The first novel, TekWar (1989), which kicked off the whole franchise, was nothing earth-shattering, but decent … Continue reading Jake Cardigan

Morgan Butler

Created by David Anthony Pseudonym  of William Dale Smith In his first book appearance, 1969's The Midnight Lady and the Mourning Man, David Anthony's hard-boiled sleuth MORGAN BUTLER is a former cop and ex-farmer who reluctantly takes on a gig as a campus security officer at Jordan College in Jordan City, Ohio, as a favour … Continue reading Morgan Butler

Ted Conkaffey & Amanda Pharrell

Created by Candice Fox "My charge had been rendered ‘no billing’, meaning that the state could take it up again at any time, . . . They wanted me to slowly boil in purgatory, just above the fires of hell, hopelessly far from the clear, clean air of the earth." -- Ted in Crimson Lake. Not … Continue reading Ted Conkaffey & Amanda Pharrell

Martin Rhodes

Created by Thomas Fincham After a colossal screw-up that cost him his job, his marriage and ten years in the federal pen for murder that he -- refreshingly -- did commit, former Newport police homicide detective MARTIN RHODES needs a job. Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of them out there for ex-cons, never mind ex-con … Continue reading Martin Rhodes

Franky Dast

Created by Michael Wiley Sure, there've been other private eyes who've served time, but Jacksonville, Florida's FRANKY DAST might be the first to have spent time on death row. After serving three years waiting to be executed, and previously "five more in Supermax" Franky is a free man, more or less, sprung on one of … Continue reading Franky Dast