Jackie Fuentes (Killer Groove)

Created by Ollie Masters and Eoin Marron It's the early Seventies, and the Swingin' Sixties are definitely over, but that doesn't mean musicians aren't still pouring into Los Angeles, desperate to stoke the star-making machinery of the popular song, in the 2019 five-part comic mini-series Killer Groove. Struggling singer-songwriter Jonny is one of them. He's a … Continue reading Jackie Fuentes (Killer Groove)

Gillian Baltic

Created by Dale Clark Pseudonym of Ronal Kayser Other pseudonyms include Clark Clayton, Dale Clarke (1905-88) Here I was, getting all jazzed because I thought I'd discovered a whole new hard-boiled female P.I. from the 1940s when I stumbled across this mini-review of Dale Clark's 1946 novel The Red Rods by Anthony Boucher from the December 8, … Continue reading Gillian Baltic

Simeon Grist

Created by Timothy Hallinan (1942 --) According to the blurb, SIMEON GRIST, hip young Los Angeles private eye, "knows the City of Angels inside and out -- the sex for sale, the chic seductions, the clientele of every bar from downtown L.A. to Venice." Well, not quite. Thirtyish man-about-town Simeon does seem to get around, … Continue reading Simeon Grist

Vinee Calvino

Created by Christopher G. Moore (1946--) Dubbed the "The Hemingway of Bangkok," expatriate Christopher G. Moore is one of Canada's most successful novelists. Yet, perhaps typically, he's almost unknown in Canada (or North America, for that matter). But in Thailand and Southeast Asia he's become something of a sensation, especially among foreign workers and travelers. … Continue reading Vinee Calvino

Sam Callaghan

Created by Paul Barron and Peter Andrikidis Serangoon Road is a 2013 ten-episode private eye drama from Australia, set in 1960s Singapore, and starring Don Hany and Joan Chen. The mini-series, filmed on location in Singapore, is a big deal international co-production between ABC TV and HBO Asia, with American and Australian money also involved, … Continue reading Sam Callaghan

Highland Park Price

Created by Dale Clark Pseudonym of Ronal Kayser Other pseudonyms include Clark Clayton (1905-88) Like more than a few private eyes from the pulps, Dale Clark's gizmo-obsessed, penny-pinching HIGHLAND PARK PRICE may not be quite as crooked as he seems. Although he has a penchant for stringing along his more shady clients, and soaking them for … Continue reading Highland Park Price

Mike Barnett (Man Against Crime)

Created by Lawrence Klee Featured on both radio and television, MIKE BARNETT was a New York private eye so tough he didn't need a gun. Take that, Hammer! Along with Martin Kane, which made its debut only a few weeks earlier, Man Against Crime (1949-54) was part of a one-two punch that set the scene for … Continue reading Mike Barnett (Man Against Crime)

John Barman

Created by Arthur William à Beckett (1844-1909) "...the Raymond murder--pretty piece of bushness--genteel piece of bushness. I'm proud of it! Itsh been managed capitally--I shay capitally!" -- Barman One of the earliest private detectives actually identified as such, JOHN BARMAN was a pipe-smoking, whiskey-drinking (and occasionally over-served) Victorian-era gentleman sleuth who lived at King’s Road, … Continue reading John Barman