Lou Fleener

Created by Duane Lindsay Chicago private eye LOU FLEENER (and his sometime-partner and best bud Dion "Monk" Monkton) works the mean streets of the Windy City in the late fifties and early sixties, stumbling from one cockeyed mess to another, trying to keep their eyes on the prize, doing battle with mobsters, Nazis and the … Continue reading Lou Fleener

Johnny Dynamite

Created by Pete Morisi and Ken Fitch (pseud. of William Waugh) "The Wild Man from Chicago! He's rough! He's Tough! He's JOHNNY DYNAMITE!" JOHNNY DYNAMITE was definitely the best of the pre-Comics Code comic book eyes of the fiftiies -- and, it turned out, the one with the longest legs. With his best gal and faithful … Continue reading Johnny Dynamite

Ms. Tree

Created by Max Allan Collins and Terry Beatty Since Mike Hammer was originally planned for comic books, it only seems fitting that Spillane defender/apologist and hard-boiled renaissance man Max Allan Collins' "female Mike Hammer," MICHAEL TREE, should appear in the appropriate medium. And who knows? Collins is probably most famous for his historical detective novels … Continue reading Ms. Tree

Eddie Anderson

Created by Fredric Brown (1906-72) Pint-size Chicago private eye EDDIE ANDERSON, on the trail of an escaped homicidal maniac, goes undercover in a sanitarium. On his honeymoon, no less. A delightful short story and one of the relatively few short stories by Brown that features an honest-to-goodness P.I. Fredric Brown although, of course, he did write … Continue reading Eddie Anderson

Abby Williams

Created by Krysten Ritter No, really. That Krysten Ritter. The star of Netflix's Jessica Jones, wrote a private detective thriller, 2017's Bonfire. Actually wrote it herself! And not only doesn't it suck, but it was surprisingly well received! Hotshot environmental lawyer ABBY WILLIAMS has a pretty swell life in Chicago, worlds away from Barrens, Indiana … Continue reading Abby Williams

Nick Acropolis

Created by Jack Clark In Westerfield's Chain (2002), an impressive (and Shamus-nominated debut), NICK ACROPOLIS is an former Chicago Homicide cop now working as private eye, taking on low-level insurance cases. Nothing special, nothing too dangerous. But looking into a routine traffic incident involving an off-duty cop, Nick stumbles upon more than he bargained for, … Continue reading Nick Acropolis

Georgia Davis

Created by Libby Fischer Hellmann You don't need a weatherman to see which way this new Windy City eye blows. Flawed and occasionally prickly Chicago cop GEORGIA DAVIS was a memorable supporting character in Hellmann's Ellie Foreman amateur sleuth series, but she really comes into her own as a private eye (and Hellman ups the … Continue reading Georgia Davis

Carl Kolchak

Created by Jeff Rice "I promised I'd show up with a haircut, a new hat, and a pressed suit... but I lie a lot." -- Carl Kolchak Poor CARL KOLCHAK. A wise-cracking, would-be hard-bitten newsman in a battered seersucker suit and straw boater hat, Kolchak would have been right at home in a 1940's newspaper flick. … Continue reading Carl Kolchak