Anthony Hester & Julian Simms

Created by Nick Ball and John Niven "No, you can't play the African fruitbat card!" In the 2011 cinematic cheesefest, Cat Run, failed chef ANTHONY HESTER and his best bud, perpetually horny party boy JULIAN SIMMS, decide to open up a detective agency in Montenegro, because of course with a background like that, what else would … Continue reading Anthony Hester & Julian Simms

Joseph Burke

Created by Robert B. Parker (1932-2010) The creator of Spenser just couldn't seem to keep his paws off the past. His occasional forays into the past, including his fresh stab at the legend of Wyatt Earp (2001's Gunman's Rhapsody) and his period-piece dabblings with Chandler's Marlowe (Poodle Springs and Perchance To Dream) had been generally … Continue reading Joseph Burke

Shamus McCoy

Created by Barry Beckerman Burt Reynolds plays Burt Reynolds who plays a former pool hustler-turned Brooklyn private eye and barfly SHAMUS McCOY in 1973's Burtsploitation comedy/action flick Shamus, a confused film that can't decide if it's fromage or hommage. So they try to have it both ways. There's a lot of smirky, wink-wink humour that hasn't … Continue reading Shamus McCoy

Lionel Essrog

Created by Jonathan Lethem When we last encountered author Jonathan Lethem in the P.I. waters, he was amusing us with various pistol-packing marsupials in Gun, With Occasional Music (1995), a wide-open sci-fi spoof/parody/tribute of the private eye genre, featuring private inquisitor Conrad Metcalf, or spinning metafictional tall tales about a P.I. tracking down the source … Continue reading Lionel Essrog