Mali Anderson

Created by Grace Edwards Whoa, whoa, whoa, it's the Harlem Shuffle... Sometime-sleuth MALI ANDERSON is a savvy, street-smart student working towards a Ph.D. in social work with roots deep that go deep into her Harlem working class neighborhood. But this isn't some bleak, mean streets gangsta hip hop kinda film-at-eleven version of Harlem. Instead, it's … Continue reading Mali Anderson

Jim Steele

Created by Dana Chambers Pseudonym of Albert Leffingwell; other pseuds include Giles Jackson (1895-1946) Who is this bozo? Judging from the eyeball-rolling monicker and the great pulp-style illos on the American mass market paperback editions, full of guns, booze and babes, you'd certainly be forgiven if you thought JIM STEELE was some two-fisted brawling tough … Continue reading Jim Steele

Ash McKenna

Created by Rob Hart Will work for booze. Or dope.... A seemingly eternally recovering addict and would-be hard-boiled hero with a rude wit and a Chandler-sized romantic streak, ASH McKENNA bumbles and stumbles his way through a series of misadventures, in this winning five-novel series by Rob Hart. Make no mistake -- Ash is no┬áprivate … Continue reading Ash McKenna