Have You Heard the News?

Wherein I talk a little about what's up in the P.I. world, for better or worse, and point toward a few recent links I thought may warrant further investigation. Feel free to comment below, or follow me on Twitter. Jack Reacher comes to Amazon Prime? It's just been announced that Amazon has scored the rights for … Continue reading Have You Heard the News?

Video, DVD, Blu-Ray & Streaming

Recent and Upcoming Releases   September 2019 Noir Archive Volume 3: 1957-1960 9 Movie Collection | Buy the Blu-Ray Third (and final) budget priced Blu-Ray collection of lesser known noirs, chronologically presented, including The Crimson Kimono (1959), The Lineup (1958), Man on a String (1960), The Shadow in the Window (1956), The Tijuana Story (1957),  The Long Haul (1957), … Continue reading Video, DVD, Blu-Ray & Streaming

The P.I. Calendar

Okay, okay, I know. This page is occasionally out-of-date, but we're doing much much better than we used to. If you've got a relevant event -- a convention, a fan event, a Noir-at-the-Bar, a mystery-writing course or something -- coming up, tell me... or at least put me on your mailing list. If your event … Continue reading The P.I. Calendar


Recent and Upcoming Releases February 2020 Audio Mosley, Walter, Trouble is What I Do (Leonid McGill) | Buy the audio January 2020 Audio Ide, Joe, Hi Five (Isaiah "I.Q."Quintabe) | Buy the audio December 2019 Audio Hansen, Joseph, Early Graves (Dave Brandstetter) | Buy this book  | Buy the audio November 2019 Audio Atkins, Ace, Angel Eyes (Spenser) | Buy the audio Hansen, Joseph, The Little … Continue reading Audio

Comics & Graphic Novels

Recent and Upcoming Releases COMICS (COMING SOON, CURRENT & ON-GOING) Charlie's Angels vs The Bionic Woman Just in case the upcoming Charlie's Angels movie doesn't seem ridiculous enough, there's some more silliness available down at your local comic book shop. Dynamite Comics have once more jammed two of their licensed properties into the blender and … Continue reading Comics & Graphic Novels


Recent and Upcoming Releases February 2020 E-books Mosley, Walter, Trouble is What I Do (Leonid McGill) | Kindle it! Round, Jeffrey, Lion's Head Revisited (Dan Sharp) | Kindle it January 2020 E-books Ide, Joe, Hi Five (Isaiah "I.Q."Quintabe) | Kindle it! Petrie, Nick, The Wild One (Peter Ash) | Kindle it! Quartey, Kwei, The Missing American (1: Emma Djan) | Kindle it! November 2019 E-books Atkins, … Continue reading Digital

Reference, Non-Fiction & True Crime

Recent and Upcoming Releases October 2019 Reference, Non-Fiction and True Crime Barker, Deborah E., & Theresa Starkey, editors, Detecting the South in Fiction, Film, and Television (non-fiction) | Buy this book Series of thoughtful essays on the growing presence of the American South in crime fiction and film noir, and what it means, as it explores the work and influence … Continue reading Reference, Non-Fiction & True Crime

Collections & Anthologies

Recent and Upcoming Releases September 2020 Collections & Anthologies Brown, Fredric, The Complete Ed & Am Hunter Mysteries (Ed & Am Hunter) Prestigious two-volume set from Haffner Press, with an introduction by Jack Seabrook. March 2020 Collections & Anthologies Brown, Fredric, Market for Murder (collection) Third big volume from Haffner Press, collecting all Fredric Brown's mystery and crime … Continue reading Collections & Anthologies


Recent and Upcoming Releases    February 2020 Paperbacks Round, Jeffrey, Lion's Head Revisited (Dan Sharp) | Buy this book | Kindle it! November 2019 Paperbacks Collins, Max Allan, Killing Quarry (Quarry) | Buy this book | Kindle it! Lupica, Mike, Blood Feud (Sunny Randall) (r) | Buy this book | Buy the audio  | Kindle it! Mofina, Rick, The Lying House (non-P.I.; standalone) | Buy this book | Kindle it! Penzler, Otto, editor, The Big … Continue reading Paperbacks


Recent and Upcoming Releases February 2020 Hardcovers Mosley, Walter, Trouble is What I Do (Leonid McGill) | Buy this book | Buy the audio | Kindle it! January 2020 Hardcovers Ide, Joe, Hi Five (Isaiah "I.Q."Quintabe) | Buy this book | Buy the audio | Kindle it! Patrick, Renée, Script for Scandal (non-P.I.; Lillian Frost & Edith Head) | Buy this book Petrie, Nick, The Wild One (Peter Ash) | Buy … Continue reading Hardcovers