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Recent and Upcoming Releases   November 2018 Jack Irish: Season Two | Buy the DVD | Buy the Blu-Ray Guy Pearce shambles through the streets of Melbourne and beyond as Jack Irish, the amiable hard-luck P.I., watching his world crumble: his girlfriend Linda's left him, his pal Sid's out of the racing game, a good friend has just passed … Continue reading Video, DVD, Blu-Ray & Streaming

The P.I. Calendar

Conventions, Fan Events, Noirs at the Bar & Other Fun Stuff Okay, okay, okay, this page is occasionally out-of-date, but we're doing much much better than we used to. If you've got a RELEVANT con coming up, tell me... or at least put me on your mailing list... 2018 Book Passage Mystery Writers Conference Corte … Continue reading The P.I. Calendar


August 2019 Audio Swain, James, No Good Deeds (Jon Lancaster) | Buy the audio April 2019 Audio Ragan, T.R., Buried Deep (Jessie Cole) | Buy the audio March 2019 Audio Coben, Harlan, Run Away (non-P.I.) | Buy the audio Woods, Stuart, Wild Card (Stone Barrington) | Buy the audio February 2019 Audio Finlay, Mick, The Murder Pit (William Arrowood) | Buy the audio  Goldberg, Lee, … Continue reading Audio

Comics & Graphic Novels

COMICS (COMING SOON, CURRENT & ON-GOING) Criminal | Kindle/Comixology Crime comic kings Brubaker and Phillips are back on the mean streets of their most popular title, now monthly!  Career criminal Teeg Lawless is back in town, trying to get his tearaway teenage son out of a jam. Mayhem will ensue. (January 2019) Jessica Jones: Purple Daughter Bendis may … Continue reading Comics & Graphic Novels


  August 2019 E-books Swain, James, No Good Deeds (Jon Lancaster) | Kindle it! June 2019 E-books Crais, Robert, A Dangerous Man (Elvis Cole) | Kindle it! Gilstrap, John, Total Mayhem (Jonathan Grave) | Kindle it! April 2019 E-books Kerr, Philip, Metropolis (Bernie Gunther) | Kindle it! Ragan, T.R., Buried Deep (Jessie Cole) | Kindle it! Struzan, Dylan, A Bloody Business (true crime | Kindle it! March … Continue reading Digital

Reference, Non-Fiction & True Crime

    April 2019 Reference, Non-Fiction and True Crime Struzan, Dylan, A Bloody Business (true crime) | Buy this book | Kindle it! Hard Case goes true crime! The late, notorious OG Jimmy Blue Eyes spills the beans on the Mob's rise to power during Prohibition. His one condition was that none of it be published until after he was dead. Guess … Continue reading Reference, Non-Fiction & True Crime

Collections & Anthologies

May 2019 Collections and Anthologies Hennessy, Tim, editor, Milwaukee Noir (Akashic noir) | Buy this book  Wörtche, Thomas, editor, Berlin Noir (Akashic noir) | Buy this book Zepeda, Gwendolyn, editor, Houston Noir (Akashic noir) | Buy this book March 2019 Collections and Anthologies Block, Lawrence, editor, Alive in Shape and Color (anthology) (r) | Buy this book | Kindle it! February 2019 Collections and Anthologies Hancock, Tommy, ediitor, Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar … Continue reading Collections & Anthologies


  September 2019 Paperbacks Pelecanos, George, The Man Who Came Uptown (r) | Buy this book | Buy the audio | Kindle it! August 2019 Paperbacks Swain, James, No Good Deeds (Jon Lancaster) | Buy this book | Buy the audio | Kindle it! June 2019 Paperbacks Gilstrap, John, Total Mayhem (Jonathan Grave) | Buy this book | Buy the audio | Kindle it! Lippmann, Laura, Sunburn (non-P.I., Laura raises Cain!) (r) … Continue reading Paperbacks


June 2019 Hardcovers Crais, Robert, A Dangerous Man (Elvis Cole) | Buy this book | Kindle it! May 2019 Hardcovers Housewright, David, Dead Man's Mistress (Mac MacKenzie) | Buy this book | Kindle it! April 2019 Hardcovers Kerr, Philip, Metropolis (Bernie Gunther) | Buy this book | Kindle it! Struzan, Dylan, A Bloody Business (true crime) | Buy this book | Kindle it! March 2019 Hardcovers Coben, Harlan, Run Away (non-P.I.) | Buy this … Continue reading Hardcovers