Have You Heard the News?

Wherein I talk a little about what's up in the P.I. world, for better or worse, and point toward a few recent links I thought may warrant further investigation. Feel free to comment below, or follow me on Twitter. The 2019 Shamus Award Finalists are In! The finalists for the 2019 Shamus Awards, for works published … Continue reading Have You Heard the News?

Video, DVD, Blu-Ray & Streaming

Recent and Upcoming Releases   TO BE ANNOUNCED Mr. Mercedes Season Two | Buy the DVD Season two of the TV adaptation of Stephen King's award-winning trilogy, featuring ex-cop Bill Hodges still trying to nail a young psycho known as "Mr. Mercedes," even though he's in a hospital bed in a coma. Or is he? April 2019 … Continue reading Video, DVD, Blu-Ray & Streaming

The P.I. Calendar

Okay, okay, I know. This page is occasionally out-of-date, but we're doing much much better than we used to. If you've got a relevant event -- a convention, a fan event, a Noir-at-the-Bar, a mystery-writing course or something -- coming up, tell me... or at least put me on your mailing list. If your event … Continue reading The P.I. Calendar


Recent and Upcoming Releases January 2020 Audio Ide, Joe, Hi Five (Isaiah "I.Q."Quintabe) | Buy the audio November 2019 Audio Atkins, Ace, Angel Eyes (Spenser) | Buy the audio October 2019 Audio Child, Lee, Blue Moon (Jack Reacher) | Buy the audio Connelly, Michael, Night Fire (Harry Bosch & Renée Ballard) | Buy the audio Connolly, John, A Book of Bones (Charlie Parker) | Buy … Continue reading Audio

Comics & Graphic Novels

Recent and Upcoming Releases COMICS (COMING SOON, CURRENT & ON-GOING) Clue: Candlestick You've played the board game, you've seen the movie (and all three of its endings). Now read this goofy new comic book mini-series from IDW by writer/artist Dash Shaw. It's just an amazing piece of comic art: clever, smart-ass and cheeky -- a psychological bungee … Continue reading Comics & Graphic Novels


Recent and Upcoming Releases January 2020 E-books Ide, Joe, Hi Five (Isaiah "I.Q."Quintabe) | Kindle it! Petrie, Nick, The Wild One (Peter Ash) | Kindle it! November 2019 E-books Atkins, Ace, Angel Eyes (Spenser) | Kindle it! Collins, Max Allan, Killing Quarry (Quarry) | Kindle it! Mofina, Rick, The Lying House (non-P.I.; standalone) | Kindle it! October 2019 E-books Child, Lee, Blue Moon (Jack Reacher) | Kindle … Continue reading Digital

Reference, Non-Fiction & True Crime

Recent and Upcoming Releases October 2019 Reference, Non-Fiction and True Crime Barker, Deborah E., & Theresa Starkey, editors, Detecting the South in Fiction, Film, and Television (non-fiction) | Buy this book Series of thoughtful essays on the growing presence of the American South in crime fiction and film noir, and what it means, as it explores the work and influence … Continue reading Reference, Non-Fiction & True Crime

Collections & Anthologies

Recent and Upcoming Releases July 2019 Collection and Anthologies Vorzimmer, Jeff, editor, The Best of Manhunt (anthology) | Buy this book 39  stories from the acclaimed digest, including stories by Ed McBain, Mickey Spillane, Richard Deming, Jonathan Craig, Hal Ellson, Robert Turner, Jack Ritchie, Frank Kane, Craig Rice, Fletcher Flora, Talmage Powell, Richard S. Prather, David Alexander, … Continue reading Collections & Anthologies


Recent and Upcoming Releases  November 2019 Paperbacks Collins, Max Allan, Killing Quarry (Quarry) | Buy this book | Kindle it! Mofina, Rick, The Lying House (non-P.I.; standalone) | Buy this book | Kindle it! October 2019 Paperbacks Hensley, J.J., Forgiveness Dies (Trevor Galloway) Kraus, Daniel, Blood Sugar (non-P.I.; hallowe'en noir) | Buy this book | Kindle it! September 2019 Paperbacks Billheimer, John, Primary Target (Owen Allison) Buy this … Continue reading Paperbacks


Recent and Upcoming Releases January 2020 Hardcovers Ide, Joe, Hi Five (Isaiah "I.Q."Quintabe) | Buy this book | Buy the audio | Kindle it! Petrie, Nick, The Wild One (Peter Ash) | Buy this book | Kindle it! December 2019 Hardcovers Estleman, Loren D., When Old Midnight Comes Along (Amos Walker!) | Buy this book | Kindle it! November 2019 Hardcovers Atkins, Ace, Angel Eyes (Spenser) | Buy this book | Buy the … Continue reading Hardcovers