“Velda’s First Case”

By Ron Miller Featuring Velda Bellinghausen Summer 2002 It all began (I know, I know, but there's really no other way to start this), with a visit from Maxim Slotsky, of all people. I hadn't seen him in two or three months, since I left Slotsky's Follies. Not that I didn't like the Follies, which I didn't, … Continue reading “Velda’s First Case”

Frank Gruber’s “Fool-proof” 11 Point Formula for Mystery Short Stories

By Frank Gruber In 1966, prolific pulpster Frank Gruber published Brass Knuckles, a collection of short stories featuring Oliver Quade, the "Human Encyclopedia." It was Gruber's only collection of his work to be published during his lifetime, and it's got to have one of the most gawd-awful covers I've ever seen on the cover of … Continue reading Frank Gruber’s “Fool-proof” 11 Point Formula for Mystery Short Stories

Hank Janson

Created by Hank Janson Pseudonym of Stephen D. Frances "I had to kinda peel her off me. Her pointed nails seared across my back, tore skin through my thin shirt. A piece of my lip went with her and, as I gripped her bare shoulders, she was panting uncontrollably, eyes swimmy and semi-conscious. A little … Continue reading Hank Janson

“The Dover Affair”

A short story by Dave Zeltserman From the Files of Johnny Lane Fall 2002 It was eight thirty in the morning. I still had a half hour before my meeting with Tom Morton, so I gave Eddie Braggs a call. Eddie's my editor at the Denver Examiner. He didn't seem his usual self, though. He acted … Continue reading “The Dover Affair”

Now I know why they called it “Spenser Confidential”

They didn't want the word to get out... Mark Wahlberg would make a great Spenser. Maybe he should play him sometime. Because anyone who's ever read any of Parker's novels (or those by his successor Ace Atkins) knows that whoever the hell  Wahlberg was playing in Netflix's 2020 TV flick Spenser Confidential, it wasn't Spenser. Or … Continue reading Now I know why they called it “Spenser Confidential”

Jim Bennett

Created by Robert Martin  Pseudonyms include Lee Roberts (1908-1976) Cleveland, Ohio's own JIM BENNETT was a rarity in detective fiction in the fifties -- a happily-married man. Thomas Dewey, Bart Spicer and James M. Fox are about the only other writers of this period that seemed to stray from the whole lone wolf/P.I. thing. His … Continue reading Jim Bennett

Jake Sands

Created by Ron Ely When his wife and daughter are murdered, JAKE SANDS retires from his high-flying life in Los Angeles as a well-paid "recoverer of missing objects and people"  to go hang out with the beach folks in Santa Barbara, California. Not that he's exactly roughing it, though--he  lives in Coco Palms, an exclusive … Continue reading Jake Sands

Ford Fairlane

Created by Rex Weiner "The lights glimmered down Broadway like a strand of pearls slung over a black girl’s thigh." -- the opening line of  "So many assholes, so few bullets!" -- Ford waxes philosphical Intended as a star vehicle for misogynistic, racist, foul-mouthed comic Andrew Dice Clay, the 1990 flick The Adventures of Ford … Continue reading Ford Fairlane

The Lonely Shroud (1964)

An excerpt from the 1964 novel by Scott Mitchell Featuring Brock Devlin     You grow older, quieter, and there are obligations. Kay has just finished her second novel. She never talks of marriage. After all, what's in marriage with me for a girl like her? I know just one trade, and it would be no … Continue reading The Lonely Shroud (1964)