Brian Devlin & Nick Corsello (The Devlin Connection)

Created by John Wilder In The Devlin Connection, a short-lived TV series from the early eighties, slick, sophisticated, independently wealthy man-about-town BRIAN DEVLIN (played by Rock Hudson) is retired after a long and successful career as a high-class private eye with branches all over the world. He takes on a prestigious position as Director of the … Continue reading Brian Devlin & Nick Corsello (The Devlin Connection)

Frank and Joe Hardy (The Hardy Boys)

Created by Franklin W. Dixon House pseudonym of Stratemeyer Syndicate(1862-1930)   World-renowned private detective, and former ace NYPD sleuth FENTON HARDY seemed to always be off somewhere working on some important case, so that left his two teenage sons, FRANK and JOE HARDY, to watch over things in Bayport, a thriving town on the north-eastern … Continue reading Frank and Joe Hardy (The Hardy Boys)

Ace Crawford

Created by Ron Clark and Tim Conway Down these mean streets a man must stumble, bumble and fumble. And that man is... ACE CRAWFORD, PRIVATE EYE. Not the first -- and certainly not the last -- time that television offered a parody of the traditional private eye, this one poked light-hearted, gentle fun at the … Continue reading Ace Crawford

Jack Cleary & Johnny Betts

Created by Anthony Yerkovitch   After the success of Miami Vice and Crime Story, NBC tried for a hat-trick with another stylish, snazzy crime show. Alas, Private Eye just never caught on. In some ways, it probably makes sense -- even its title was as generic as they come. Because this was really just a … Continue reading Jack Cleary & Johnny Betts

Robert McCall (The Equalizer)

Created by Michael Sloan and Richard Lindheim Sorta an update of the old TV western Have Gun, Will Travel. Need justice? Wire McCall, Manhattan. That was the premise of The Equalizer, which ran on CBS from 1985 to 1989. Cynical, disillusioned and guilt-ridden, former secret agent ROBERT McCALL took an early retirement, disgusted by the treachery and hypocrisy … Continue reading Robert McCall (The Equalizer)

Amanda & Rick Tucker

Created by William Bast and Paul Huson Imagine Bewitched if Samantha and Darren (either one of them) were private eyes. No, really. Tucker's Witch was a private eye comedy/drama from the eighties that ran on CBS, starring Catherine Hicks and Tim Matheson as AMANDA & RICK TUCKER, a married couple who ran a Laurel Canyon … Continue reading Amanda & Rick Tucker

Simon Templar (aka “The Saint”)

Created by Lesley Charteris Pseudonym of Leslie Charles Bowyer-Yin (1907-1993) "Pardon me. In the excitement of the moment, and all that sort of thing, I forgot to introduce myself. I'm afraid I've had you at a disadvantage. My name is Templar--Simon Templar," he caught the flash of stark hypnotic fear that blanched the big man's … Continue reading Simon Templar (aka “The Saint”)

The Falcon (aka Michael Waring, Gay Stanhope Falcon, Gay Stanhope Lawrence, Tom Lawrence)

Created by Drexel Drake Pseudonym of Charles H. Huff (1887-1959) Or possibly: Michael Arlen Pseudonym of Dikran Kouyoumdjian (1895-1956)  THE FALCON was the nom de guerre of a true man of mystery. He was either MICHAEL WINGATE, a shadowy figure who took on the underworld with the aid of his friend Sarge, avoiding the police … Continue reading The Falcon (aka Michael Waring, Gay Stanhope Falcon, Gay Stanhope Lawrence, Tom Lawrence)

Dennis Booker

Created by Stephen J. Cannell & Erik Blakeney "No badge. No back-up. No problem." God help me. Although it was pretty much universally dismissed at the time as "Mannix for the MTV generation," I sort of enjoyed the absolutely preposterous late-eighties TV show Booker. For some reason, I didn't find it all that bad.]. Sure, it … Continue reading Dennis Booker

Count Heinrich von Alternberg/Henry Altern

Created by Brian Clemens Now here's a name you don't hear everyday: COUNT HEINRICH von ALTERNBERG. No wonder he changed it. It seems Heinrich was the prodigal son, returned home to England to discover that the vast wealth and estate his German father had left him was toast, and that he was virtually penniless. A … Continue reading Count Heinrich von Alternberg/Henry Altern