Dan Adams

Created by Lawrence Kimble Rugged and still studly Rod Cameron played DAN ADAMS, a retired naval intelligence officer turned soft spoken San Diego private eye in COronado 9, a short-lived syndicated show from 1960. The title of the show came from Dan Adams' street address on Coronado Island, the affluent San Diego suburb that was Dan's stomping … Continue reading Dan Adams

77 Sunset Strip (Stuart Bailey, Jeff Spencer, Rex Randolph and “Kookie”)

Created by Roy Huggins (1914-2002) "Kookie, Kookie, lend me your comb!" Private eye STUART BAILEY was originally (and intentionally) quite a Chandleresque fellow, trudging through the mean streets of Los Angeles alone, carrying the weight of the world along with him in The Double Take, a quite satisfying 1946 P.I. novel by Roy Huggins. He … Continue reading 77 Sunset Strip (Stuart Bailey, Jeff Spencer, Rex Randolph and “Kookie”)

Harry McGraw

Created by Peter S. Fischer HARRY McGRAW first showed up as a recurring character on Murder, She Wrote, a slightly shady working class gumshoe from Boston who earned the respect of Cabot Cove's very own mystery novelist/amateur sleuth Jessica Fletcher (Angela Lansbury) for his detective skills and his not-quite-hidden heart of gold. As played by … Continue reading Harry McGraw

Eddie Drake

Created by Jason James Pseudonym of Joe Eisinger Dr. Gayle: "You're priceless, Mr. Drake. I'm so glad to have run across you." Eddie: "Run me over anytime, doctor, I don't mind your heelprints." Poor EDDIE DRAKE just couldn't catch a break. He coulda/shoulda gone down in the history books as the first regularly scheduled private … Continue reading Eddie Drake

Philippe Roche, Maxime Roche & Nora Abadie (Détectives)

Created by Marc Eisenchteter and Stéphane Kazandjian Here's some more private eye action... comme vous l'aimez. For years I've been waiting for a good P.I. procedural to come along on television. Something like Ed McBain's 87th Precinct, but with private eyes, following the inner workings and investigations of a working detective agency. I always thought … Continue reading Philippe Roche, Maxime Roche & Nora Abadie (Détectives)


aka "Masterpiece Mystery (1980--) Mystery! is a long-running American television anthology series, produced by WGBH Boston for PBS, featuring predominately British mystery stories, usually literary adaptations. When the show, intended as a spin-off of the popular PBS show Masterpiece Theatre, made its debut in 1980, however, nobody suspected it would have such an influence on crime and mystery … Continue reading Mystery!

Murder in the Library: Television

What? You thought I made this all up, or downloaded it all from Wikipedia? Nope. Here are the books that inspired me to create this site, and the books I've used to cobble it together over the years, as well as the ones I've discovered along the way. If you like this site, you may … Continue reading Murder in the Library: Television

Michael Shayne

Created By Brett Halliday Pseudonym of Davis Dresser, who also wrote as Asa Baker, Mathew Blood, Kathryn Culver, Don Davis, Hal Debrett, Peter Field, Anthony Scott, Anderson Wayne (1904-1977) One of the most popular private detectives ever, red-haired Miami P.I. MICHAEL SHAYNE has had a long, successful, multi-media career. Shayne made his debut in the … Continue reading Michael Shayne

Brad Shad/Matt Shade

Created by G.B. Joyce Developed for television by Tim Kilby and Shelley Eriksen "I played with a bunch of names you'd recognize: Gretz, Mess, Mario. I played against all the others who mattered. I didn't last long in the league: 457 career games. One year near the end I got called up from Hartford for … Continue reading Brad Shad/Matt Shade