Paul Drake

Created by Erle Stanley Gardner (1989-1970) Appearing in books, in movies, and television, he's one of the most enduring hard-boiled private eyes of all time, yet he has never been the lead, always playing second fiddle to his famous client. That detective is, of course, PAUL DRAKE, the preferred investigator for none other than Erle … Continue reading Paul Drake

Harry Bosch

Created by Michael Connelly "No, not Harry Bosch," he said quietly... "It's always just what he wants. He's always been a private investigator, even when he carried a badge."  -- an FBI agent (Lost Light) EDITOR'S NOTE:After eight novels with a badge, Michael Connelly's Harry Bosch finally became an official P.I. in Lost Light (2003), with both … Continue reading Harry Bosch

Murray Kirk

Created by Stanley Ellin Rich, classy man-about-town MURRAY KIRK is a former hotshot young lawyer who takes over as the head of New York's very respectable Conmy and Kirk Detective Agency in Stanley Ellin's Edgar-winning The Eighth Circle (1958). There's no low rent office with a bottle in the drawer for this baby. Nope. Murray's … Continue reading Murray Kirk

Mike Longstreet

Developed for television by Stirling Silliphant From a character created by Baynard Kendricks The seventies were truly the Golden Age of the TV Dick, when the airwaves were saturated with private eyes and cops of all sizes and shapes. There were so many of them that the nightly barrage of murder and mayhem began to … Continue reading Mike Longstreet

Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse

Television Anthology Series WESTINGHOUSE DESILU PLAYHOUSE was an American television anthology series produced by Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz's Desilu Productions. It ran on the Columbia Broadcasting System between 1958 and 1960, and was hosted byy Betty Furness in the first season, and Desi Arnaz in the second. Stories came from several genres, but there … Continue reading Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse

Duncan Maclain

Created by Baynard H. KendrickPseudonyms include Richard Hayward(1894-1977) Blinded in World War I, wealthy, dashing CAPTAIN DUNCAN MACLAIN moves to New York and sets up a detective agency, aided by his partner, Spud Savage (is that a great name or what?) and his secretary (and Spud's wife) Rena. Rounding out the staff are Duncan's two specially-trained German … Continue reading Duncan Maclain

Not Quite Ready for Primetime

Unsold Television Pilots Television has always been a battlefield when it comes to getting a show actually on the air, and the P.I. genre has had it as rough as any other genre, although the nineties were particularly brutal. Some of these aired and nobody bit, and some of them may have never been aired … Continue reading Not Quite Ready for Primetime


Television Anthology Series (1954-58, CBS) An American television anthology series specializing in thriller and suspense stories that aired on CBS from 1954 to 1958. The series was hosted by William Lundigan and later co-hosted by Mary Costa. TELEVISION CLIMAX! (1954-58, CBS) Among the shows of most interest to visitors to this site are... "The Long … Continue reading Climax!

Frank Hogan & Arthur Boyle (Goodnight, My Love)

Created by Peter Hyams Goodnight My Love (1972) was a well done little private eye flick made for television, not quite The Maltese Falcon spoof it claims, but still a lotta fun. A scruffy, down at his heels detective, FRANK HOGAN (played by the very tall Richard Boone) and his partner, a literate, well-dressed dwarf, ARTHUR … Continue reading Frank Hogan & Arthur Boyle (Goodnight, My Love)

Shawn Spencer & Burton “Gus” Guster (Psych)

Created by Steve Franks See what Monk hath wrought? Okay. Psych, which ran from 2006 until 2014 on the USA Neywork,  is not The Rockford Files. It's not Harry O or Peter Gunn. It's not even Magnum P.I. But in those days when those seeking quality P.I. action on the boob tube were growing increasingly frustrate, … Continue reading Shawn Spencer & Burton “Gus” Guster (Psych)