Johnny Hawke (Johnny One-Eye)

Created by David Stuart Davies (1946--) The war evidently didn't belong just to Foyle... When he made his debut in "One for the Monet," a 2000 short story, World War II had just broken out, and action-craving young copper JOHNNY HAWKE quits the London police department to enlist in the British Army, intending to give his … Continue reading Johnny Hawke (Johnny One-Eye)

Johnny Hawk

Created by Edward Y. Breese (1912-79) JOHHNY HAWK, an "odd-job man for emergencies, a trouble shooter and a free-lance free-lance", showed up in a series of solid short stories that appeared in mystery digests like Mike Shayne and Alfred Hitchcock in the late sixties to mid-seventies. Edward Y. Breese was born in 1912 in Trenton, New Jersey, … Continue reading Johnny Hawk

Cliff Chandler

Created by Baynard H. Kendrick Pseudonyms include Richard Hayward (1894-1977) All hands on deck! CLIFF CHANDLER was rather unique, in that he was an ocean-going ship's detective, who specializes in protecting the welfare of transatlantic passengers on the SS Moriander, a swanky luxury liner which sailed regularly from Southampton. "Slim and debonair from crisp black … Continue reading Cliff Chandler

Nameless (Bentley Little)

Created by Bentley Little (1960--) "Trinidad was still alive when I found him. Barely." -- the opening of "Bumblebee" Two things set this medium-boiled, quietly activist private eye and NAMELESS apart: one, his mean streets are actually the sun-scorched highways and palm-lined byways of modern Phoenix and environs, and two, amid the “routine” murders, political … Continue reading Nameless (Bentley Little)

Cliff Downey

Created by Robert Leslie Bellem Pseudonyms include Ellery Watson Calder, Harley L. Court, Walt Bruce, John Grange, Nelson Kent, Kenneth A. Nelson, Jerome Severs Perry & Harcourt Weems (1902-1968) Before there was Dan Turner, there was CLIFF DOWNEY, a P.I. cut very much from the same cloth, although lacking the galloping goofiness that made Turner one of … Continue reading Cliff Downey

Westrel Keen (Mr. Keen)

Created by Robert W. Chambers (1865-1933) Developed for radio by Frank and Anne Hummert Robert W. Chambers was an American author who, over a long career, cranked out over seventy novels in assorted genres, mostly historical and romantic works. But in the beginning he wrote mostly fantasy and horror. In fact, his first successful work was … Continue reading Westrel Keen (Mr. Keen)


Created by Ed Lybeck Pseudonym of Charles Edward Widegren (1905-1965) "Well, who's dead now?" -- Harrigan answers the phone, in "Kick Back" There were plenty of hard-boiled newsmen in the detective pulps of the thirties and forties, but Ed Lybeck's FRANCIS ST. XAVIER HARRIGAN, "star reporter" for The New York Leader, may have been the only … Continue reading Harrigan

Luther McGavock

Created by Merle Constiner (1902-79) LUTHER McGAVOCK was a Memphis-based private eye whose cases on behalf of agency boss Atherton Browne took him all over the rural American South. He appeared in some eleven stories in Black Mask, all full of peculiar goings-on, bizarre characters and oddball plots, often revolving around the most arcane bits … Continue reading Luther McGavock

Rex Sackler

Created by D.L. Champion (1903-68) Skinny, erudite REX SACKLER is an eccentric private eye so tight with a buck he practically squeaks. A former police detective, this "Shylock of Shamuses" quit the police department because he felt he could do better on his own -- and he did. But he's still cheap. In his very … Continue reading Rex Sackler

Cellini Smith

Created by Robert Reeves (1912-45) Reminescent at times of Frank Gruber and Norbert Davis, Robert Reeves is one of those pulpsters whose work has been sadly forgotten, making his CELLINI SMITH one of the great lost eyes of the era. In his first appearance, in Dead and Done For (1939), we meet Cellini, a young … Continue reading Cellini Smith