Brilliant But Cancelled

14 Private Eye Shows That Coulda Been Contenders I don't know how many of you remember the Trio Network on American television sometime around 2005 or so. It was this culty, pop-culturey grab bag of arty-farty pretensions and good ol' TV; a kinda of very hip, occasionally snarky PBS. But anyway, they ran this show … Continue reading Brilliant But Cancelled

It Figures…

Private Eye Figures & Figurines The Xander P.I. (2015, POP! by Xander) I was so disappointed at the lack of P.I.-related POP! figures that I asked my B&N pal Xander to make me one.  Jessica Jones POP! Figure | Buy this item Luke Cage POP! Figure | Buy this item (2017, Funko) The P.I./Funko barrier was finally … Continue reading It Figures…

Oh, The Games People Played Then

Some Classic Private Eye & Detective Board Games Every night and everyday, now... Of course, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so here's a short list of diversions from the past (and present) for those of you who like to play. A roll of the dice, a spin of the spinner, … Continue reading Oh, The Games People Played Then

Hidden Tracks

Private Eye TV Shows... with Real! Live! Rockers! Yeah, we all know it's only rock and roll. But we like it. Still, in the decades before Midnight Special and MTV, the fusion of rock and TV drama had always been iffy, if not downright embarrassing. Think of rock and roll and television as fraternal twins, … Continue reading Hidden Tracks

They Also Served: Owen Smith

Artist & Illustrator   Who says they don't do 'em like they used to? Long before Hard Case Crime made it safe for pulp cover art again, San Francisco fine artist OWEN SMITH was keeping the flame alive, through his paintings, illustrations and sculpture. I've been a fan of Smith ever since 1996 or so, … Continue reading They Also Served: Owen Smith

In the Shadow of the Wolfe

Variations on a Theme, Originally Composed by Rex Stout Berkeley Barnes & Larry Howe by Eugene Franklin Chip Harrison and Leo Haig by Lawrence Block Claire Conrad & Maggie Hill by Melodie Johnson Howe Davey Goldman & Bishop Francis X. Regan  by William F. Love Bomber and Tod Hanson by David Champion Julius Katz & Archie Smith by Dave Zelterman Claudius … Continue reading In the Shadow of the Wolfe

HBO’S Perry Mason

It's the Stubble, Stupid! After wading through the sordid wallow that was HBO’s PERRY MASON, my first urge was to dig up some of my tattered paperbacks by Erle Stanley Gardner, or stream a few episodes of the old TV show starring Raymond Burr. I might even dig up some of the flicks from the … Continue reading HBO’S Perry Mason

The Mitch Tobin Series by Tucker Coe (Donald Westlake)

An Overview by Bryan Schingle I am not a huge fan of the books of Donald E. Westlake. But I love the books written by his pseudonyms. I was already an avid fan of the extremely bleak, hard-boiled Parker books that Westlake wrote under the pen name of Richard Stark, featuring a hardened professional criminal. The characters, … Continue reading The Mitch Tobin Series by Tucker Coe (Donald Westlake)

If I Were a Rich Man…

Millionaire Eyes This site makes a point out of listing detectives who make trouble their business, not their hobby. But these men of means (by all means) do so make trouble their hobby. So, uh, evidently they didn't get the memo... Nestor Dark by Arthur Rosenfeld Doc Egg by Day Keene Christopher Fenn by Manning … Continue reading If I Were a Rich Man…

My Bookshelf: The Hard-Boiled Detective: Stories from Black Mask Magazine

My Bookshelf The Hard-Boiled Detective: Stories from Black Mask Magazine, edited  by Herbert Ruhm Almost forgotten now, but the publication of The Hard-Boiled Detective: Stories from Black Mask Magazine (1977), edited  by Herbert Ruhm, must have sent pulp fans into a tizzy in the seventies. It was the first real anthology dedicated exclusively to Black Mask since … Continue reading My Bookshelf: The Hard-Boiled Detective: Stories from Black Mask Magazine