My Bookshelf: Noir: A Crime Comics Collection

My Bookshelf Noir:  A Crime Comics Collection One of the few collections of crime comics ever released, 2009's Noir:  A Crime Comics Collection was must have caused at least some ripples because, despite being black & white and the skimpiness of original paperback edition's size, it was brought it back in a full comics-size hardcover … Continue reading My Bookshelf: Noir: A Crime Comics Collection

The Mysterious Bookshop Presents The Best Mysteries of the Year 2021

Call for Submissions Otto Penzler and Lee Child Want You! Attention, all short story-writing types--timeworn veterans, eager newcomers, and all those who fall in between--the folks at New York City's landmark Mysterious Bookstore are now screening submissions for The Mysterious Bookshop Presents the Best Mysteries of the Year 2021 through the end of the year. It's the first … Continue reading The Mysterious Bookshop Presents The Best Mysteries of the Year 2021

My Scrapbook: King Bennett Forever!

My Scrapbook A Tribute to Dean Davis' Legendary Detective, The Greatest Private Eye Series That Never Existed!   Back when this site and I were young, someone clued me into a web site about a writer, Dean Davis, and his greatest creation, private eye King Bennett. In over fifty books, from "Bang", Said the Gun … Continue reading My Scrapbook: King Bennett Forever!

Public Broadcast, Private Eyes

Private Detectives from PBS' Mystery! Lord knows, the American public broadcasting network PBS's flagship crime anthology series MYSTERY! isn't exactly known for its tough, gritty fare. Nope, it's been mostly aimed at American Anglophiles of a certain class, and as such it's been largely domestics and cozies, featuring assorted Lord Muckymucks, Inspector Flacid Chin-Jones, plucky … Continue reading Public Broadcast, Private Eyes

What Hath Rockford Wrought?

The Other Eyes of The Rockford Files   Much like Maverick, Rockford co-creator Roy Huggins' other hit show starring James Garner, The Rockford Files delighted in poking fun at its own genre, seeding the show with numerous cock-eyed takes on the private eye. Here are the most memorable: Gandolph "Gandy" Fitch  Created by Gordon Dawson … Continue reading What Hath Rockford Wrought?

Cyber Eyes

Hacking Gumshoes Kidd by John Camp First appearance: The Fool's Run (1989) The guy's a total flake, a stir fry of electronics, martial arts, water colours and Tarot cards, but his hacking skills are what really set this guy apart from the herd. Even more amazingly, the series started at a time when most people … Continue reading Cyber Eyes

Pass the Popcorn…

YouTube Treasures. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow... They're here, they're gone, but I've caught the following items recently. I'm not going to list anything that's available on DVD, Blu-Ray or on legit screening channels, but I will suggest some video goodies that may--or may not--be totally legit. Of course, the video quality may be dubious, at … Continue reading Pass the Popcorn…

Who Was Brett Halliday?

Hmmm...sounds like a case for Mike Shayne Davis Dresser, the original Brett Halliday, actually wrote only fifty (ONLY!) of the Mike Shayne books, with a little help from ghostwriters such as Ryerson Johnson, and twenty-seven more were written by Robert Terrall. And then there were the 300 or so short stories that appeared in Mike Shayne … Continue reading Who Was Brett Halliday?

Talkin’ ’bout De-Generation

Dicks That Were Allowed to Grow Old For sure, there have been long-running private eye series, but very few of them have been allowed to age in any realistic manner. Oh, a Korean War vet may quietly become a Vietnam vet as a series progresses, or a rough-and-tough hard-boiled shamus may suddenly become as coy … Continue reading Talkin’ ’bout De-Generation