A Son Says Goodbye... W. Glenn Duncan (1940-2019) Sunset. A secluded location on the shores of Lake Texoma, Texas. The sun wavered on the horizon across the water. Hung there like it knew its job was to finish setting, but it wanted to give our motley group just a little more light, more warmth, more … Continue reading Sunset

Roger Ackroyd (Robert Hollister)

Created by Jules Feiffer "God, do I find that man interesting!" -- Robert/Roger on Oscar New York cartoonist Jules Feiffer's first novel, Ackroyd (1977) is a rather strange book, taking the form of the diary of Robert Hollister, a neurotic young man who has decided to become a private eye named ROGER ACKROYD (a tip of the … Continue reading Roger Ackroyd (Robert Hollister)