Griff Dexter

Created by Elliot Kennedy Pseudonym of Lionel Robert Holcombe Godfrey Other pseudonyms include Scott Mitchell (1932-80) At first glance, GRIFF DEXTER is quite similar to the author's other Los Angeles private dick, Brock Devlin. But he's a little rougher around the edges, and a bit more cynical, from what I can gather. He's a former cop, booted … Continue reading Griff Dexter

Brock Devlin

Created by Scott Mitchell Pseudonym of Lionel Robert Holcombe Godfrey Other pseudonyms include Elliot Kennedy (1932-80) "I had long ago decided there had to be some difference between one side of the law and the other. So I would do it the hard way... you chump, I told myself. you poor deluded private cop. Brock … Continue reading Brock Devlin

Nick Blade

Created by Edward Churchill Pseudonym o Edward C. Off (1902-1960) Pulpster Edward Churchill's NICK BLADE was yet another P.I. from the heyday of the pulps who never quite made it to bonafide series status, appearing only twice. Still, someone must have thought highly of him or his author -- his debut was featured on the particularly striking … Continue reading Nick Blade

Benoit Blanc (Knives Out)

Created by Rian Johnson "When people get desperate, the knives come out." Screenwriter and director Rian Johnson has already seriously mucked around with the mystery genre back in his feature film debut Brick, which transported the classic hard-boiled/film noir detective flicks of the forties to a contemporary high school in the endless sun-bleached suburban sprawl of … Continue reading Benoit Blanc (Knives Out)

Brendan Frye (Brick)

Created by Rian Johnson "The ape blows or I clam." Much like The Big Lebowski, Rian Johnson's Brick (2005) is a P.I. film that has everything you'd want in a P.I. film -- except a P.I. And like the Coen Brother's Dude,  Brick's BRENDAN FRYE (in an amazing performance by Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is a loose cannon, … Continue reading Brendan Frye (Brick)

Jack McEvoy

Created by Michael Connelly When we first meet JACK McEVOY in The Poet (1996), he's a tabloid reporter for Denver's Rocky Mountain News, and murder is his beat. But when his brother, a cop, commits suicide, he really throws himself into his work. He decides to do a feature on police suicide and stumbles across … Continue reading Jack McEvoy


Created by Chan Ho-Kei When her fifteen-year-old kid sister, schoolgirl Siu-Man, takes a header off the twenty-second floor of her Hong Kong apartment building, older sis and librarian Nga-Yee has nobody to turn to--her parents are dead, and the police have ruled it suicide. So she contacts the eccentric, enigmatic hacker and cybersecurity expert known only … Continue reading N

Clay Holt

Created by Carroll John Daly Pseudonyms include John D. Carroll (1889--1958) There but for the Grace of God--or possibly the disapproval of Black Mask editor Joseph "Cap" Shaw--goes Race Williams... It's well known how little the ambitious Shaw thought of Carroll John Daly's writing--despite the fact that his stories featuring trigger-happy Williams were exceedingly popular … Continue reading Clay Holt

Mr. Strang

Created by Carroll John Daly Pseudonyms include John D. Carroll (1889--1958) Like all of Carroll John Daly's series characters, MR. STRANG was a shoot-first, let-God-sort-them-out kinda guy. But unlike Three Gun Terry, Race Williams or even Clay Holt, Strang was not a trigger-happy private eye, but a straight-out vigilante, more along the lines of The … Continue reading Mr. Strang

Nick Forte

Created by Dana King A sort of spin-off from his Penns River books, A Small Sacrifice (2013) kicked off a new series featuring Doc's cousin NICK FORTE, a former musician turned private eye working the Chicago area. Nick, who previously appeared in Grind Joint (2013), the second Penns novel, is an appealing enough detective, a divorced but … Continue reading Nick Forte