Bill Truscott

Created by Griff Pseudonym of Ernest Lionel MacKeag (1896-1974) Known only as "Griff" to his many readers, this British writer was perhaps the biggest challenge to Hank Janson and Ben Sarto in the Mushroom Jungle. Too bad he didn't really exist. Turns out "Griff" was the house name used by Modern Fiction, a British publisher … Continue reading Bill Truscott

February Smith

Created by Leigh Brackett (1915-1978) "I am a private dick...That means, according to all the storieds I've read, that I'm tough, resilient and bullet proof. Also infallibly brilliant. So don't worry..." -- (people should worry) FEBRUARY SMITH is the hero of "The Death Dealer," a 1943 novella by Leigh Brackett, written a year before her … Continue reading February Smith

Dave Brodsky (Black Tie Affair)

Created by Jay Tarses "Speaking of crime terminology, what the hell do they mean by 'forensics'? And what exactly is a 'bunco squad'? Police talk, I hate it." -- Dave Originally, Black Tie Affair, a 1993 thirteen-part summer mini series was supposed to be titled "Smouldering Lust," but the powers-that-be at NBC chickened out. To … Continue reading Dave Brodsky (Black Tie Affair)

Ed Clive

Created by Leigh Brackett (1915-1978) She was wearing a white raincoat with the hood thrown back. There were raindrops caught in her soft black hair, but the drops in her thick lashes never came out of a Los Angeles sky. Her arms went around him, tight. He kissed her. "Hello, tramp." EDMOND CLIVE's your classic, … Continue reading Ed Clive

Max Nolan, Erotic P.I.

Created by Spenser Fortune Pseudonym of Robert J. Randisi Back in the seventies, MAX NOLAN (a good P.I. name, that) was an "erotic" private eye who appeared in at least four (and possibly as many as fourteen) short stories in Beaver Magazine (a low-end porn mag, not the high-end Canadian history magazine that eventually had … Continue reading Max Nolan, Erotic P.I.

Professor Stanley Hopkins

Created by Paul J. Heald There's something about PROFESSOR STANLEY HOPKINS that harkens back to the glory days of the detective pulps of the thirties and forties, and all the gimmicky accidental sleuths that swarmed their pages. That's right--the so-called "Sociologist of Sleaze" is not a private eye. He's not even much of a sociology … Continue reading Professor Stanley Hopkins

Geoffrey Boscobell

Created by Cecil M. Wills (1891-1966) "Share your suspicions with Ex-Inspecor Boscobell" --front cover tagline on 1st edition of Defeat of a Detective When we first meet him, in Author in Distress (1934), DETECTIVE INSPECTOR GEOFFREY BOSCOBELL is a rising star in Scotland Yard, his boyish demeanor and easy-going facade never quite hiding a shrewd and cunning … Continue reading Geoffrey Boscobell

Tom Kerry, District Attorney

Created by Ken Ernst and Gardner Fox.      TOM KERRY is NOT a private eye. But he thinks he is, and he sure acts like one, in a dozen action-packed comic book adventures in Vincent Sullivan's Big Shot Comics (is that a cool name or what?), alongside such other regulars as Joe Palooka, Charlie Chan and Dixie … Continue reading Tom Kerry, District Attorney

Please allow him to introduce himself…

 Time To Meet PI Harry Kenmare - In His Own Words! G’day, I’m Harry.  Harry Kenmare, Private Investigator. I used to be a cop, detective sergeant. Until I got the arse for belting a rock spider. A child molester to most of you. Well, of course I belted the prick. I’d just lost my daughter, Orla, … Continue reading Please allow him to introduce himself…

John Blacksad

Created by Juan Diaz Canales and Juanjo Guarnido In JOHN BLACKSAD's world, the femme fatales really do have claws... I hate to break it to you, guys, but the dapper, world-weary hard-boiled private eye hero of this award-winning hard-boiled comic series really is a cat. And not as in "cool." As in “meow-meow.” I'm not … Continue reading John Blacksad