Matt Scudder

Created by Lawrence Block (1938--) Loads of fictional private eyes drink oceans of booze. Some become invincible, some become silly, some become virtual Einsteins of deduction. MATT SCUDDER had no such luck. He drank and became an alcoholic. He used to be one of New York's Finest, a decent-enough detective, honest enough to get by, … Continue reading Matt Scudder

Flashgun Casey

Created by George Harmon Coxe (1901-84) Originally appearing in the pages of Black Mask under the watchful eyes of then-editor Joseph Shaw, JACK "FLASHGUN" CASEY of the Boston Express was the original fast-talking crime photographer, a big, hot-tempered Boston Mick with a gift for gab and a nose for trouble. No "artiste", Casey kept a bottle of … Continue reading Flashgun Casey

To the Batcave!

P.I. Writers who Have Contributed to the Canon      Since his creation back in the thirties, Batman has had an immense and undeniable impact on not just crime fiction but on our culture itself, influencing and appearing in films, radio and television, graphic novels, cartoons, comic strips, videogames and of course comic books. Here's … Continue reading To the Batcave!

Jason Bard

Created by Frank Robbins and Gil Kane Another pipe-sucking shamus from the backpages of Detective Comics, playing second fiddle to Batman? Gotham City private eye and ex-Marine JASON BARD is a young "resourceful, battle-scarred Viet-Nam vet, his only weapon a cane and a razor-sharp intelligence." In the straighter-than-thou world of DC of the seventies, Jason … Continue reading Jason Bard


Created by Frank Robbins and Neal Adams In the July 1978 issue of Batman Family (#20, if you're keeping track), we're treated to "Private Eye Man-Bat," a story wherein Kirk Langstrom asks Batman for a little favor: a job reference. Seems Langstrom thinks he'd make a swell partner for Gotham City private detective Jason Bard. Despite Batman's recommendation, … Continue reading Man-Bat

Peter Scratch

Created by Elliot Caplin and Lou Fine PETER SCRATCH was supposedly an attempt to cash in on the popularity a few years earlier of succesful semi-tough TV private eyes such as Peter Gunn, Richard Diamond and 77 Sunset Strip and the like by adapting it to a daily comic strip in the mid-sixties. But Big … Continue reading Peter Scratch

Jim Hardie

Created by James Brooks, Frank Gruber and Gene Reynolds JIM HARDIE was the tall, good-looking hombre who starred in (and narrated) Tales of Wells Fargo (1957-62, NBC), arguably the second-most successful hybrid of the private eye and western genres in the early days of American television. Have Gun, Will Travel also lasted an impressive six seasons, while Shotgun Slade … Continue reading Jim Hardie

Shotgun Slade

Created by Frank Gruber (1904-69) The two hottest genres in the early days of television drama were the Western and the private eye drama, and within a few years, four different shows attempted to combine the two. But unlike Have Gun Will Travel, The Man from Blackhawk or Tales from Wells Fargo, TV's SHOTGUN SLADE was perhaps … Continue reading Shotgun Slade