The Bogie Man (aka “Francis F. Clunie”)

Created by John Wagner and Alan Grant "Down these mean streets, a man must go, who is not himself..." -- artist Robin Smith's dedication to The Bogie Man Collection (1998) A limited series, and British cult favorite, featuring the comic (and comic book) misadventures of one FRANCIS F. CLUNIE, aka "BOGIE," an escaped mental patient … Continue reading The Bogie Man (aka “Francis F. Clunie”)

My Scrapbook: “The Private Eye Who Couldn’t See”

My Scrapbook  "The Private Eye Who Couldn't See" Front cover for August-September 1952 issue of Gang Busters I came across the cover while looking, as is the way of the internet, for something completely different. I have, like, zero idea what the story of "The Private Eye Who Couldn't See" is, but that cover just intrigues the … Continue reading My Scrapbook: “The Private Eye Who Couldn’t See”

Raguel (Murder Mysteries)

Created by Neil Gaiman “And what do you do in the dark, Lucifer?” -- Raguel poses a question I tell ya, eventually everyone shows up here on this site. Sooner or later, everybody dips his toe into the P.I. Pool. In the case of comics whiz and storyteller extraordinaire Neil Gaiman, it was in a … Continue reading Raguel (Murder Mysteries)

Arlo, Janis & Spenser

Plugs for Hire Department It's no secret that Robert B. Parker (or at least his Boston private eye Spenser, had a thing for Jimmy Johnson's Arlo and Janis comic strip. He mentioned the strip frequently in his books, perhaps most notably in Back Story (2003). Even Parker's successor, Ace Atkins, has Spenser still reading the … Continue reading Arlo, Janis & Spenser

Nick Carter

Created by Nicholas Carter Pseudonym of John R. Coryell (1848-1924) Sound of someone knocking on the door... Woman: "What's the matter? What is it?" Man: "It's another case for Nick Carter... Master Detective!." Announcer: "Yes, it's another case for that most famous of all manhunters, the detective whose ability at solving crime is unequalled in … Continue reading Nick Carter

Danny and Harry

Created by Walter Brogan and Charles Santino "Danny's a cat. Harry's a seagull. They're private eyes. Proceed." -- the tagline for this web comic says it all. DANNY was a lieutenant in the Big One, and for a while, he pounded the beat as a street cop. But after beating up a corrupt police captain, … Continue reading Danny and Harry

Dan Turner

Created by Robert Leslie Bellem Pseudonyms include Ellery Watson Calder, Harley L. Court, Walt Bruce, John Grange, Nelson Kent, Kenneth A. Nelson, Jerome Severs Perry & Harcourt Weems (1902-1968) "And then, from an open window, a roscoe coughed Ka-Chow!" The hard-boiled private eye, born in the low-rent pages of the pulps way back in twenties, has … Continue reading Dan Turner

Jerry Jasper

Created by ?? Private eye JERRY JASPER appeared in several black and white comic strip-style stories in the pages of the Private Detective Stories pulp in 1949-50. The stories were later colourized and reprinted in Crime Mysteries. Oh, we're told in one story that he's a "wealthy young playboy" who's "secretly an astute criminologist," and … Continue reading Jerry Jasper

Crime Mysteries

Another short-lived comic book anthology series from the fifties, the claim to fame of Crime Mysteries was that it reprinted comic strips from various crime and detective pulps, including private eyes Jerry Jasper, Dan Turner and Don Grady ("The Man of a Thousand Faces"), Queenie Starr ("The Glamor Girl of Hollywood"), Dr. Lance Storm ("The Hunter of Enemies of Justice"), Sally the … Continue reading Crime Mysteries