“Moe Ron” Boyette

Created by Michael Bracken

MORRIS RONALD BOYETTE“MOE RON” to his friends — is a hard-boiled, hardcore P.I. working out of an office behind Millie’s Tattoos and Piercings, just down the hall from Big Mac’s Bail Bonds in Waco, Texas.

Boyette, is a life-long resident, divorced, with a son with a fondness for SF magazines. He handles most any case presented to him, and often gets bounty hunting gigs from Lester Beeson, owner of Big Mac’s. He carries a .38 in a shoulder holster, and has eclectic tastes in women and a sexual appetite that is definitely not left to the imagination in the erotic adventures chronicled so far.

Lucky for Moe, Millard Wayne “Millie” Trout owns the tattoo parlor next door, and can fill the sidekick role when needed — she acquits himself admirably in the thug department. Millie is big, bald, tattooed (even on his head), swings a mean 2×4, and drives a ’65 Mustang and has a thing for wings, so he can’t be all bad. He also gets the best lines (“Hey, Moe Ron!”).

In the debut “Feel the Pain,” Boyette is fed information from his Waco Mob connection, Elroy Johnson, who he describes like this:

“With loose connections to Families in Kansas City, St. Louis, and New Orleans, they laundered money, brokered deals with the Mexican Mafia, and shared news of important events across the state. I’d known Elroy since childhood when I’d played high school football with his nephew, and our paths crossed more often than I ever cared to admit.”

Michael Bracken was born in Canton, Ohio, has traveled extensively throughout the U.S., and currently resides in Waco, Texas. A modern day pulpster, he’s written hundreds of short stories in multiple genres, including mystery, horror, science fiction, fantasy, and children’s fiction. His mystery, suspense, and private eye short stories have appeared in, or been accepted for publication by Blue Murder, Bust Out!, Gent, Gentleman’s Companion, Espionage, Hardboiled, Juggs, Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine, TheCase.com, Ellery Queen and other publications. Several of these mystery short stories have been collected in Bad Girls: One Dozen Dangerous Dames Who Lie, Cheat, Steal, and Kill and Tequila Sunrise, both released by Wildside Press in 2000, and he’s edited numerous anthologies, including  The Eyes of Texas and the Fedora trilogy, all of which feature private eyes. He’s also created two other notable private eyes, Nathanial Rose, who works the similarly seedy streets of St. Louis, and Big Dick Rickenbacher who prowls Chicago’s underbelly.


  • “I moved to Waco, Texas, in 1994, and didn’t start writing stories set in Texas until I’d been here quite a while. With Boyette, I wanted to create a uniquely Texan private eye–but not a stereotypical cowboy-type. I set the stories in Waco because I live here and wanted to write about the people and places I see every day. My other two series dicks–Nathaniel Rose and Big Dick Rickenbacher–live in places where I used to live but haven’t seen much in recent years.”
    — Michael Bracken, on the difference between his P.I. characters


  • “Feel the Pain” (2003, Flesh & Blood: Guilty As Sin)
  • “Pumped for Information” (2004, XL Girls)
  • “My Client’s Wife” (Summer 2007, Thrilling Detective Web Site)
  • “Breaking Routine” (Winter 2007, Hardluck Stories)
  • “News Flash” (March 2011, digital)
  • “Yellow Ribbon” (2012, Needle)
  • “Itsy Bitsy Spider” (2019, Tough) Buy this book


Respectfully submitted by Dale Stoyer.

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