Harry Pigg

Created by Bob Burke

Perhaps it was bearing witness to the murder of his two brothers and being the one who brought their killer to justice that did it, but HARRY PIGG, the last of the Pigg family, definitely showed early on that he had what it takes to be the toughest dick in Grimmtown.

If only he was also the most successful dick in Grimmtown. As it is, he has to take on whatever clients he can get, be it Mr. Aladdin, who wats Harry to find his missing lantern, Mrs. Claus, whose husband, Santa, has gone missing on Christmas Eve or Little Miss Muffet, who has a spider problem.

And so it goes, in this tongue-in-cheek YA series by Bob Burke that riffs on both the hard-boiled detective genre and classic fairy tales and nursery rhymes. Naturally there are oodles of gags and puns, as Burke gleefully (but gently) goes whole hog on lampooning everything in sight, but it’s all in good fun and nobody gets hurt.

Gee, I wonder if Harry has ever run into Max Hamm




Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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