Gail and Dwight “Di” Berke

Created by Carl G. Hodges

Sports editor of The Journal, DWIGHT “DI” BERKE could always be counted on to dig into the crimonious aspects of sports, be it horse racing, bowling or whatever. Fortunately his wife (and photog for the same rag) GAIL BERKE, armed with “her four-by-five Grafix slung over her tailored shoulder,” was usually close by to lend a hand.

A minor series, for sure, and they weren’t even private eyes, at least by profession, except worth noting because it was one of the few married detective teams in the pulps, and if Dwight was the main attraction, Gail was always there for a little toting and lifting. Plus, the stories were sorta goofy, but fun.


  • “Sixteen Pounds of Murder” (October 1946, Thrilling Detective)
  • “Murder Breeds Murder“ (April 1947, Thrilling Detective)
  • “Murder in My Bones“ (August 1947, Thrilling Detective)
  • “Murder Throws a Ringer“ (Deember 1947, Thrilling Detective)
  • “Highway Homicide“  (April 1948, Thrilling Detective)
  • “My Vote’s for Murder“ (October 1948, Thrilling Detective)


  • Murder Report: Three Dwight Berke Novelets (2013) Kindle it!


Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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