Marco “The Alligator” Buratti

Created by Massimo Carlotto

MARCO BURATTI, better known as “The Alligator” (now there’s a name you can, uh, sink your teeth into) is a former blues singer and ex-con now working as a private eye in Venice, Italy, in a series of tough, hard-boiled crime novels by Massimo Carlotto. And rest assured that his partners, Rossini and Max the Memory, are every bit as shady as The Alligator.

In The Colombian Mule, the first of the series to be translated into English, Alligator and his pals set out to defend an art smuggler from charges of drug smuggling — but a deranged gangster makes things difficult.

And so it goes.

Mind you, if he had his way, Buratti would rather sit in some dark, seedy nightclub sipping Calvados and listening to the blues. But something always seem to come up…

Massimo Carlotto has been called “the best living Italian crime novelist,” and he’s certainly seen the world of crime and punishment up close. According to his bio, he’s an ex-con himself — in 1976, Carlotto, at that time part of the Italian left-wing movement, discovered a woman bleeding from numerous stab wounds. In an ultimately futile attempt to save her, his clothes became stained with blood, and he was arrested for the woman’s murder. The cops didn’t buy his story, and just before the end of his appeal, his own lawyer advised him to run, thus beginning a long flight from the authorities that lasted several years and took him to to Paris and Mexico, where he was betrayed and turned in by another lawyer. He was arrested, tortured, and shipped back to Italy, where he was eventually sentenced to prison. In 1993, though, he was ultimately pardoned, and began writing.

The Alligator novels have been very successful in Italy and have recently been translated into French, German and now, English.


  • La verità dell’Alligatore (1995)
  • Il mistero di Mangiabarche (1998)
  • Nessuna cortesia all’uscita (1999)
  • Il Corriere Colombiano (2000, aka “The Colombian Mule”) Buy this book Kindle it!
  • Il maestro di nodi (2002; aka “The Master of Knots”) Buy this book Kindle it!
  • L’amore del bandito (2009; aka “Bandit Love) Buy this book Kindle it!
  • La banda degli amanti (2015; aka “Gang of Lovers”) Buy this book Kindle it!
  • Per tutto l’oro del mondo (2016; aka “For All the Gold in the World”) Buy this book Kindle it!
  • Blues per cuori fuorilegge e vecchie puttane (2017)
Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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