Murder in the Links: Writing Sites & Services

Organizations & Societies

  • The Private Eye Writers of America (PWA)
    The PWA was founded in 1981 by Robert J. Randisi, as an organization devoted to private eye fiction. Membership is open to fans, writers, and publishing professionals. There are three levels of membership: Active, Associate, and International. The aim of the organization is to support and further the private eye genre. They also bestow the annual Shamus Awards.
  • Mystery Writers of America (MWA)
    The premier mystery writer’s group — These are the guys that dish out the Edgars. Information on membership, members and more.. 
  • The American Crime Writers League (ACWL)
    Formed in the late 1980s by a group of writers who wanted a private forum for exchanging ideas, complaining about almost everything, and trying to understand this decidedly wacky business, the ACWL’s site is your chance to find out what some of the major names in mystery fiction have in the bookstores today — and maybe pic up a few pointers along the way.

Forums & Discussion Groups

  • The Shortmystery Discission Group & Blog
    The Short Mystery Fiction Society (SMFS) is a blog and a discussion group for writers, readers, fans, editors and publishers of mystery and crime fiction from all around the globe. They seek to actively recognize writers and readers who promote and support the creative artform of short mysteries in the press, in other mystery organizations, and through the Derringer Awards which honor excellence in the field of short mystery fiction.
  • Wicked Company
    The perfect forum for discussing crime and mystery writing.   Share tips, info, experiences with your partners in crime–or just discuss your favorite crime or mystery books.   Like the dame says “You don’t even have to be a published author to join.   ALL mystery/crime authors welcome (POD, short story, electronic, self-published) as well as readers, reviewers, editors, and people who turned left after Greenland.”

Writing Tips & Advice

Services & Resources

  • How to Create a Web Site
    Robert Mening’s no-nonsense step-by-step guide to creating a basic WordPress site. It’s not geared specifically for writers, but it’ll get you up and running.
  • How to Make a Blog
    That Mening guy is back, with a straight-forward guide to starting your own blog. There’s no hard sell, beyond a few relevant affiliate links, and the advice is practical and easy-to-follow.
  • Writers Write
    Founded in 1997, this site provides offers information and services for writers, editors, publishers, journalists, readers, students and academics. They also provide content targeted to a literate community which enjoys reading book reviews and author interviews. They also publish The Internet Writing Journal, a free ezine published monthly, which includes reviews, interviews and advice for writers.
  • Frank M. Ahearn: How to Disappear
    For over twenty years considered “one of the leading skip tracers in the world,” Frank offers screenwriters and novelists help with their manuscripts and information on how to disappear. Or even real people, apparently. The blurb continues: “be it the rich businessman who wants to leave it all behind or the woman being stalked. Mr. Ahearn has helped dozens achieve their goals. His business takes him from Belize to Bombay. Hearing him tell stories is like sitting with a master of espionage reminiscing of days gone bye. His business is serious, peoples lives depend on his results and efficiency.”
  • Writing English
    Do you have an important business letter, report, term paper, curriculum vitae, cover letter, or other written presentation to prepare? Writing English provides a glossary of grammatical terms and tips for cover letters, business letters, resume writing and other writing, in addition to offering a proofreading and copyediting services.



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