Bernard Holland

Created by Mike Shelley

The so-called “last private eye in Belfast,” BERNARD HOLLAND, is no saint.

A former agent for British Intelligence, Bernard may appear to be a well-respected, middle-aged gentleman, a devoted husband and local entrepreneur, with the offices of his three seperate businesses, Janus Import and Export, Blue Angel Introductions and the Rapid Results Investigation Agency all conveniently located on Ormeau Road, for everyone to see. He’s even on good terms with the constabulary.

But don’t believe it!

He’s a low-rent scumbag, with an eye out for a quick score or easy pickings. He’s also a hoot; a wise-cracking piece of blarney wrapped in a scam inside a con.

Shelley also wrote two books about Soho, London private eye Barney Huggins who’s no better than Bernard (and may be even worse). All three books were self-published by the author back in 1984, and John Conquest, in Trouble is Their Business, swears they’re parodies, although I’m not so sure.



Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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