Jade de Jong

Created by Jassy Mackenzie

A tough private eye with a dark, troubled past?

I think we’ve all had a sip of that brew by now.

But author Jassy Mackenzie adds serious kick to the punch by making her hero a woman, and then setting the whole she-bang in South Africa’s Johannesburg, a place full of “crazy boomtown energy” and more than its share of its own dark, troubled history.

A fresh, not done-to-death setting, a sleuth with a hands-on approach to justice and a jaundiced, original vision makes JADE de JONG a character — and a series — well worth watching.

According to The Big Thrill, the author was born in Zimbabwe but moved to South Africa “when she was eight, and now lives near Johannesburg on a small farm with her partner, two horses, and two cats. She says she loves the energy, danger, and excitement of Johannesburg and believes there is no better place for a thriller writer to live.” She’s also wriiten several humourous erotic romances novels, including Folly, which became a bestseller in South Africa.


  • “Set in contemporary South Africa, Mackenzie’s triumphant debut introduces PI Jade de Jong…. The plot has more than its fair share of nice twists, and Mackenzie does a superb job of making the reader care for her gutsy lead while offering a glimpse at life in South Africa after apartheid.”
    — Publishers Weekly on Random Violence



Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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