Simon Riske

Created by Christopher Reich

The first name seems like a blatant shout-out (a scream-out?) to Simon Templar (aka “The Saint”), and the last name is hardly less subtle, but Christopher Reich’s London-based, jet-setting, gentlemanly “professional problem solver” and “freelance industrial spy” SIMON RISKE gets the job done and is more than willing the take the risks wherever he finds himself.

He may live in a funky apartment over a garage in Central London, but he’s just as likely to be found in Monte Carlo, New York, Switzerland or Paris. The dude gets around. And while he may seem like a gen and a well-dressed bon vivant, there’s some decided grit (and well as, yes, a particular skill set) in his background — he’s an ex-con who once did time for theft. So he hasn’t so much redeemed himself as upped the ante.


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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