Lee Callaway

Created by Thomas Fincham

From Thomas Fincham, the “THE NEW VOICE IN CRIME AND SUSPENSE GENRE” (don’t you just love Thomas & Mercer authors?) comes a series featuring LEE CALLAWAY, private investigator.

He checks all the boxes: he drinks, he gambles, he fools around, he’s an ex-cop, he’s divorced and he has a young daughter (are these guys incapable of fathering sons?) whom he rarely sees. He’s tall and broad-shouldered. When we first meet him, he’s camped out at a swanky house right on the beach, courtesy of a grateful client. He drives a “beloved” Dodge Charger. He has a web site and an office over a noodle restaurant in Milton (wherever that is), and a long list of debt collectors and jealous husbands on his tail. The most original thing about him is that he seems like a bit of a jerk who lets his little head do way too much of the thinking. Unfortunately, that gets real tiresome real fast.

Like so many of his Amazonian brethren, Thomas Fincham seems to be a multi-series author who just pumps them out — at least four or five a year, mostly thrillers, including the Martin Rhodes private eye series. In fact, lately he’s consolidated the Callaway and Rhodes novels, as well as a couple of his other series characters, into one larger series, entitled the Unknown Suspects. The author holds a degree in Economics, has lived in Africa, Asia, and North America, and currently lives in a hundred-year-old house.


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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