Junior Bender

Created by Timothy Hallinan

Ace second story man JUNIOR BENDER has had a great run: he’s been crashing LA houses since he was a fourteen year old kid and he’s never been nabbed — an incredible run that’s lasted for over twenty years.

But that all comes crashing to a halt in Junior’s debut, the semi-comic Crashed (2012), when a ruthless crime boss, Trey Annunziato, pegs Junior to act as a private investigator — or else. Seems someone’s been laying the hurt on Trey’s porn business, and he wants Junior to find out who’s behind the sabotage — and make him stop.

It was an auspicious debut to what, so far, has been a rollicking series of novels, full of twisty turny plotting, deft characterization and a giddy, almost swashbuckling sense of fun — something that’s been missing for a while in the shamus game. The books, so help me, remind me at times of Warren Murphy’s Digger series, and have earned Junior the nickname — at least from his publisher — of “The Clown Prince of Crime Fiction.”

Junior’s creator, Timothy Hallinan, has had something of a great run himself. Junior marks the third great gumshoe the Edgar- and Macavity-nominated author has created, after Los Angeles gumshoe Simeon Grist and Bangkok shamus Poke Rafferty. In 2010, Hallinan conceived and edited an ebook of original short stories by twenty mystery writers, Shaken: Stories for Japan, with 100% of the proceeds going to Japanese disaster relief.


  • “A modern successor to Raymond Chandler”
    — Los Angeles Daily News


Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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