Ricardo Cupido

Created by Eugenio Fuentes

One of Spain’s most acclaimed writers, Eugenio Fuentes’ slow burn books about enigmatic private investigator RICARDO CUPIDO.

Unlike many of his counterparts, Cupido seems to be far less prone to action; he leans more towards introspection, and he apparently has a very good working relationship with the police.

More striking, though, is how often he seems to play a quietly secondary role in his own books — the focus is often more on the perp or the victim, with Cupido’s investigation — such as it is — often shunted off to the side.

Eugenio Fuentes was born in Montehermoso, Caceres, Spain, and currently lives in Extremadura. He is a multi-prize-winning writer of five novels and a short-story collection. Cupido’s debut, Depths of the Forest (2002), won the Alba/Prensa Canaria Prize, and Blood of the Angels (2007). His work has been translated into more than thirteen languages.


  • ‘His writing style is literary, elegant, almost formal. His crime books weave the investigations of his gentle private eye, Ricardo Cupido, with an analysis of the dark side of remote Spain’
    — Observer


  • El interior del bosque (1999; aka “Depths of the Forest”) | Buy this book
  • La sangre de los angeles (2001; aka “Blood of Angels”) | Buy this book
  • Las manos del pianista (2003; aka “The Pianist’s Hands”) | Buy this book
  • Cuerpo a cuerpo (2007; aka “At Close Quarters”) | Buy this book) | Kindle it!
Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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