Oscar Poole

Created by Rich Eustis and Michael Elias

Overweight, dumpy, almost-retired private eye OSCAR POOLE is more than happy spending the rest of his days drinking and hanging out at O’Malley’s Bar. Until his former partner’s daughter, young, sexy and slightly flaky Tracy Doyle, shows up and asks him to look into her father’s suspicious death.

Surprise, surprise! It’s murder!

Naturally the mismatched pair team up to crack the case. And before you can say “series,”, they’re off and running, as partners in a private detective agency, solving murders every week. Well, every week for six weeks.

The premise sounds suspiciously like Robert Benton’s 1977 feature flick, The Late Show, but without the casting of Art Carney or Lily Tomlin (or the writing of Benton) , this one only half a dozen episodes.


    (1985, ABC)
    6 60-minute episodes
    A Skorpios Production with Warner Brothers
    Created by Rich Eustis and Michael Elias
    Produced by Steven A. Vail
    Starring Charles Durning as OSCAR POOLE
    and Stephanie Faracy as Tracy Doyle
Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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