Sarah Booth Delaney

Created by Carolyn Haines

Private eye SARAH BOOTH DELANEY plies her trade in Zinnia, Mississippi in a crazy popular series of southern cozies that offers a little something for everyone: adorable pets, old mansions, woo-woo, madcap adventures, recipes and plenty of zany friends and family, including (but not limited to) her red tick hound Sweetie Pie, a handsome Sheriff boyfriend and a talkative ghost, Jitty, who haunts Dahlia House, Sarah’s family’s antebellum estate.

And just to prove her cozy bonafides, many of Haines’ titles boast horrendously painful puns, all based on the word “bones.”

Hey! “Bone-a-fides”! I’m sure that will come up eventually.


Oh, wait. She did a cookbook! Bone-a-Fied Delicious: The Official Official Cookbook of the Sarah Booth Delaney Mystery Series (2014).




  • Bone-a-Fied Delicious (2014) Buy this book
    On the author’s web site, it’s subtitled “The Official Official Cookbook of the Sarah Booth Delaney Mystery Series,” while on Amazon it’s billed as “Delicious Recipes from Zinnia’s Finest Chefs.” Either way, it was a ring-bound, limited-edition collection of over 700 recipes, compiled by fans of Carolyn Haines, and featuring illustrations and running commentary by the characters from the series, with all proceeds going to the Good Fortune Farm Refuge, a non-profit which rescues and rehomes animals.
Respectfully submitted by Nathalie Bumpeau, with extra snarkiness by Kevin Burton Smith.

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