The P.I. Calendar

Okay, okay, I know. This page is occasionally out-of-date, but we’re doing much much better than we used to. If you’ve got a relevant event — a convention, a fan event, a Noir-at-the-Bar, a mystery-writing course or something — coming up, tell me… Or at least put me on your mailing list, if you’re organized enough to have one. If your event is not listed here, it might not be my fault.

Sorry, authors, I’m not looking for individual book signings, though — that way would lead to madness.


  • Noir at the Bar: Birmingham
    Hoover, AL
  •  Noir at the Bar: Arlington
    “Ho-Ho-Homicide For The Holidays.”
    Arlington, VA
    November 24, 2019
    Mark Bergin, Matthew Iden, Fernando Manibog, Ricche & Stavrakis, Barb Goffman, Eleanor Cawood Jones, Adam Meyer and Cathy Wiley read, and Josh Pachter hosts.
  • Noir at the Bar: Edinburgh
    Edinburgh, UK
    November 28, 2019
    How can you resist a joint called Canon’s Gait? Authors Vanessa Robertson, Peter Richie, Lexie Conyngham, JD Kirk, BRM Stewart, Tricia Golledge, Charlie Gracie, John Coughlan, Caroline Dunford, Ka Richardson, Alex Kane and Jonathan Whitelaw will be there.
  • Noir at the Bar: Toronto
    Toronto, ON
    November 28, 2019
    Hosted by Rob Brunet & Hope Thompson, featuringRyan Aldred, CJ Birch, Giles Blunt, Bianca Marais, Doug Schmidt & Caro Aloes.



Is your event not listed? Don’t be afraid — just call me

Respectfully compiled by Kevin Burton Smith. Missing something? Let me know.

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