Ray Electromatic

Created by Adam Christopher

Adam Christopher returns to all the juicy, pulpy retro-future goodness of his debut novel Empire State (2011), but chucks the 1940s-flavoured future for one that owes more to the Swinging Sixties (complete with British Invasion bands, miniskirts, go-go dancers and a very non-assassinated JFK in the White House) in cages, with this loopy series featuring robot RAY ELECTROMATIC of the Electromatic Detective Agency in Hollywood.

Not that Ray’s actually a detective. Not really. He’s actually a hitman — the P.I. stuff is just his cover. Oh, and he’s the world’s last robot.

Or at least the last one in working order. Sort of, anyway. His memory is erased every twenty-four hours. Which means there’s a bit of Memento tossed in the mix as well, in this agreeably pulpy hattrick of silliness.

The author was born in Auckland, New Zealand, and grew up obsessed with Doctor Who, The Beatles, DC Comics, Stephen King, and The Cure. He is also, he says, “a strong advocate for social media, especially Twitter, which he spends far too much time on, avoiding work.”


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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