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September 2018 E-books

  • Boyle, William, Gravesend (non-P.I.) | Kindle it!
  • Capri, Diane, Ten Two Jack (The Hunt for Jack Reacher| Kindle it!
  • Coleman, Reed Farrel, Colorblind (Jesse Stone; non-P.I.)Kindle it!
  • Easley, Warren C., Moving Targets (Cal Claxton)  | Kindle it!
  • Faust, Christa, & Gary Phillips., The Killing Joke (non-P.I.; Batman) | Kindle it!
  • Fincham, Thomas, The Invisible Wife (Lee Callaway) | Kindle it!
  • Galbraith, Robert, Lethal White (Cormoran Strike) | Kindle it!
  • Gran, Sara, The Infinite Blacktop (Claire DeWitt)Kindle it!
  • Hill, Edwin, Little Comfort (1: Hester Thursby)  | Kindle it!
  • Klavan, Ross, Tim O’Mara & Charles Salzberg, Three Strikes, Three, Authors, Three Crime Novellas (anthology) Kindle it!
  • Leonard, Peter, Raylan Goes to Detroit (non-P.I.; Raylan Givens)  | Kindle it!
  • McGeorge, Chris, Guess Who (1: Morgan Sheppard)Kindle it!
  • Myers, M. Ruth, Uncivil Defense (Maggie Sullivan) Kindle it!
  • Paretsky, Sara, “Death on the Edge” (V.I. Warshawski) (ss) | Kindle it!
  • Pelecanos, George, The Man Who Came Uptown (1: Michael Hudson) Kindle it!
  • Ruttan, Sandra, The Spying Moon (non-P.I.) | Kindle it!
  • Schulman, Sarah, Maggie Terry (1: Maggie Terry) | Kindle it!
  • Simenon, Georges, Maigret’s Doubts (non-P.I.; Inspector Maigret) (r)Kindle it!
  • Simenon, Georges, Maigret and the Saturday Caller (non-P.I.; Inspector Maigret) (r)Kindle it!
  • Spillane, Mickey, Primal Spillane: The Early Stories 1941-42 (collection) | Kindle it!
    A new, expanded version, with even more short-shorts by Spillane, mostly originally written for inclusion in comic books. Hard-boiled, crime, WWII, suspense, thrillers, monster stories & even a couple of SF tales, Spillane wrote ’em all. Edited by Lynn Myers and Max Allan Collins. 
  • Starr, Deni, Throwing in the Towel (Sean O’Connor & Cindy Matasar) | Kindle it!
  • Stone, Jacob, Cruel (Morris Brick)Kindle it!
  • Von Doviak, Scott, Charlesgate Confidential (non-P.I.; heist)Kindle it!
  • Wassmer, Julie, The Whitstable Pearl Mystery (1: Pearl Nolan) | Kindle it!

August 2018 E-books

July 2018 E-books

June 2018 E-books

May 2018 E-books

  • Allan, Barbara, Antiques Wanted (non-P.I.) Kindle it!
  • Atkins, Ace, Old Black Magic (SpenserKindle it!
  • Barron, Laird, Blood Standard (1: Isaiah Coleridge)Kindle it!
  • Block, Lawrence, Resume Speed and Other Stories (collection) | Kindle it!
    Block finds old stories in his couch like other people find spare change.
  • Clark, Tracy, Broken Places (1: Cass RainesKindle it!
  • Connolly, John, He (non-crime; biography)Kindle it!
    The author of the acclaimed Charlie Parker series takes a giant step sideways, serving up a piercing and at times heartbreaking bio of film comedian Stan Laurel and his lifelong friendship with partner Oliver Hardy. Just a stunning achievement.
  • Cussler, Clive, & Robin Burcell, The Gray Ghost (Sam & Remi Fargo; Isaac Bell)Kindle it!
  • De Noux, O’Neil, “Effect on Men” (Lucien Caye) (ss) | Kindle it!
  • Fincham, Thomas, The Falling Girl (Lee Callaway) | Kindle it!
  • French, John, L., The Last Redhead (hard-boiled short stories) | Kindle it!
    Cover by Robert Maguire.
  • Galbraith, Robert, The Cuckoo’s Calling (1: Cormoran Strike) (r)Kindle it!
  • King, Stephen, The Outsider (non-P.I.; crime fiction)Kindle it!
  • Koryta, Michael, How It Happened (non-P.I.)Kindle it!
  • Lepionka, Kristen, What You Want to See (Roxane Weary)Kindle it!
  • Marks, Paul D., White Heat (1: Duke Rogers) (r)Kindle it!
  • Mertz, Stephen, Say It Was Murder (1: McShan) | Kindle it
  • Patterson, James, & Kathryn Fox, Princess: A Private Novel (Jack Morgan)Kindle it!
  • Pronzini, Bill, Son of Gun in Cheek (r)  Kindle it!
    Digital version of Pronzini’s follow-up to Gun in Cheek. A hilarious salute to some of the very best of the very worst in crime fiction, or as Pronzini calls them, “alternative classics.” Read ’em and weep… and then laugh your ass off.
  • Pronzini, Bill, Give-a-Damn Jones (non-P.I.; western) | Kindle it!
  • Segura, Alex, Blackout (Pete Fernandez)Kindle it!

April 2018 E-books

March 2018 E-books

February 2018 E-books

January 2018 E-books

(nv) = novella
(r) = reprint.
(ss) = short story.

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