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November 2020 eBooks

September 2020 eBooks

  • Hiaasen, Carl, Squeeze Me (non-P.I., but it’s Carl!) Kindle it!

August 2020 eBooks

July 2020 eBooks

June 2020 eBooks

May 2020 eBooks

April 2020 ebooks

  • Black, Cara, Three Hours in Paris (non-P.I.; thriller) Kindle it!
  • Collins, Max Allan, Do No Harm (Nate Heller) Kindle it!
  • Hillier, Jennifer, Little Secrets (non-P.I.) Kindle it!
  • Lansdale, Joe R., Of Mice and Minestrone (Hap Collins & Leonard PineKindle it!
    Some new stories, some favorite recipes (by Kasey Lansdale), and an intro by Kathleen Kent.
  • Noble, Don, editor, Alabama Noir (Akashic noir) | Kindle it!
  • Pachter, Josh, editor, The Misadventures of Nero Wolfe: Parodies & Pastiches Featuring the Great Detective of West 35th Street | Kindle it!
  • Pachter, Josh, editor, The Beat of Black Wings: Crime Fiction Inspired by the Songs of Joni Mitchell (anthology) | Kindle it!
    Includes stories by Art Taylor, Michael Bracken, Marilyn Todd, Greg Herren and a slew of others. A better investment than a  little money riding on the Maple Leafs.
  • Paretsky, Sara, Deadland (V.I. Warshawsli) Kindle it!
  • Pattison, Eliot, The King’s Beast (Duncan McCallumKindle it!
  • Pronzini, Bill, The Stolen Gold Affair (Quincannon & Carpenter) Kindle it!
  • Sandford, John, Masked Prey (non-P.I.; Lucas Davenport) Kindle it!
  • Thompson, Elizabeth, Murder on Pleasant Avenue (Frank & Sarah Malloy) | Kindle it!

March 2020 ebooks

February 2020 ebooks

January 2020 ebooks


December 2019 ebooks

November 2019 ebooks

  • Atkins, Ace, Angel Eyes (Spenser) | Kindle it!
  • Butterfield, Frank W., The Crooked Colonel (Nick Williams & Carter Jones) | Kindle it!
  • Christensen, Jan, Haunting Dreams (Paula Mitchell) Kindle it!
  • Collins, Max Allan, Killing Quarry (Quarry) Kindle it!
  • Diarmid, Jessica, Highway of Tears: A True Story of Racism, Indifference, & the Pursuit of Justice (true crime) | Kindle it!
  • Evanovich, Janet, Twisted Twenty-Six (Stephanie Plum) | Kindle it!
  • Forshaw, Barry, Crime Fiction: A Reader’s Guide (non-fiction) | Kindle it!
  • Mofina, Rick, The Lying House (non-P.I.; standalone) Kindle it!
  • Oates, Joyce Carol, editor, Cutting Edge (anthology) Kindle it!
    One of the few places Akashic hasn’t gone with its Noir series is the ladies room, but Oates rectifies that with this no-holds-barred collection of dark, twitchy original crime stories by women writers, such as Steph Cha, Edwidge Danticat, S.J. Rozan, Aimee Bender and Oates herself. Margaret Atwood even kicks in  six new poems.
  • Penzler, Otto, editor, The Big Book of Reel Murders (anthology) Kindle it!
    The short stories and novellas that inspired some great — and not-so-great — movies, from the likes of Arthur Conan Doyle, Raoul Whitfield, Agatha Christie, Dashiell Hammett, Cornell Woolrich, Dennis Lehane, Edgar Allan Poe, Charlotte Armstrong and Ian Fleming.
  • Ugland, Eric, Roseland: Volume One (1: Ginger Mitchell) | Kindle it!

October 2019 ebooks

September 2019 ebooks

August 2019 ebooks

July 2019 ebooks

June 2019 ebooks

May 2019 ebooks

April 2019 ebooks

March 2019 ebooks

February 2019 ebooks

  • Allen, J.D., Skin Game (Jim Bean) | Kindle it!
  • Bellotto, Tony, Bellini and the Sphinx (1: Remo Bellini Kindle it!
  • Butterfield, Frank W., The Redemptive Rifleman (Nick Williams & Carter Jones) | Kindle it!
  • Collins, Max Allan, & Mickey Spillane, The Goliath Bone (Mike Hammer) (r) | Kindle it!
  • Collins, Max Allan, USS Powderkeg (non-P.I. aka “Red Sky at Morning” ) (r) | Kindle it!
  • Crider, Bill, That Old Scoundrel Death (non-P.I.; Sheriff Dan Rhodes) Kindle it!
  • Dennis, Ralph, Hardman 6: Murder is Not an Odd Job (Jim Hardman) (r) | Kindle it!
  • Dixon, Franklin W., The Disappearance (The Hardy Boys| Kindle it!
  • Eisler, Barry, The Killer Collective (John Rain) Kindle it!
  • Finch, Charles, The Vanishing Man (Charles Lenox) Kindle it!
  • Finlay, Mick, The Murder Pit (William Arrowood) Kindle it!
  • Goldberg, Lee, Killer Thriller (non-P.I.; Ian Ludlow) | Kindle it!
  • Hamilton, Ian, Fate: The Lost Decades of Uncle Chow Tong (Uncle Chow, an Ava Lee spin-off) | Kindle it!
  • Khan, Ausma Zehanat, A Deadly Divide (non-P.I.; Rachel Getty & Esa Khattak) | Kindle it!
  • Lawson, Mike, House Arrest (Joe DeMarco) | Kindle it!
  • Mofina, Rick, Missing Daughter (non-P.I.) | Kindle it!
  • Parks, Alan, February’s Son (non-P.I.; Harry McCoy) | Kindle it!
  • Randisi, Robert J., The Honky Tonk Big Hoss Boogie (Auggie Velez-Colon) (r) | Kindle it!
  • Robinson, Peter, Careless Love (non-P.I.; Inspector Banks) | Kindle it!
  • Round, Jeffrey, Shadow Puppet (Dan Sharp) | Kindle it!
  • Shannon, Elaine, Hunting Leroux (true crime) | Kindle it!
    Fascinating account of how the DEA took down a true global supervillain. First book from Michael Mann’s new imprint.
  • Struzan, Dylan, A Bloody Business: The Rise of Organized Crime in America (true crime) | Kindle it!
    The late “Jimmy Blue Eyes” recalls Probition’s “good old days” of violence and corruption.
  • Swenson, Kyle, Good Kids, Bad City: A Story of Race & Wrongful Conviction in America (true crime) | Kindle it!
  • Swinson, David, Trigger (Frank Marr) | Kindle it!
  • Westlake, Donald, Brothers Keepers (non-P.I.; caper) (r) | Kindle it!
  • Winslow, Don, The Border (non-P.I.; cartel noir) | Kindle it!

January 2019 ebooks

(nv) = novella
(r) = reprint.
(ss) = short story.

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